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Created on: 11 Feb 2019 13:52
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Type: Feature Request
Spreadsheet Cell Enable attribute depending on Formula/other cell


we have a hard time controlling the cells "Enable" attribute in a data binding scenario, because it really depends on the data, e.g. the complete Row must be read only (Enable = false) when Cell "Completed" is marked with true.

I mark this as "Feature request" because I think there is no such functionality, but I'd need some dynamic expression here, you could reuse the validation expressions, e.g.:

enable: "NOT(ISERROR(FIND(\"true\", B3)))"


As an alternative/workaround, maybe we can reuse validation / reject, so instead of making the cell non-editable, leave it editable but reject any kind of change, this is just a thought and I feel like there is no easy way to do it like this either.


You might wonder how we apply validation or enabled/disabled cells in data binding scenario; We basically run post processes after data binding, so because I think there is no other way doing it.

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Ivan Danchev
Posted on: 12 Feb 2019 14:50
Hello Kathy,

Thank you for submitting this feature request.

At present there is no built-in mechanism for disabling rows. Thus disabling cells/rows based on the value of a cell would require processing after the data is bound. The Range object has an enable method, which can be used to enable/disable the cells that are included in the specified range.

I made this thread visible in our Feedback Portal. This will allow the community to vote for it. Based on the support it gets it could get implemented in a future release.

Ivan Danchev
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