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Created on: 25 Aug 2023 03:35
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Type: Bug Report
Kendo Razor controls renders grid pager differently to KendoUI for JQuery - breaks styling

My web page displays grids on multiple pages, and each grid has a pager with a page size control.

In recent updates the styling broke in all but one page.
In the case where I was creating the grid using Kendo UI for JQuery, it worked fine.
In the instances when I create it using MVC, there are styling errors. (See in the image how the number "10" is truncated.)

After much drilling into the HTML, I found the difference in how the Razor library creates the HTML elements, as opposed to how the JQuery creates the HTML elements.

JQuery generates the following element structure. Note that the k-pager-sizes element comes after the k-pager-numbers-wrap element

<div class="k-pager k-grid-pager k-pager-md"> <!-- The pager bar -->
     <div class="k-pager-numbers-wrap">
             <!-- ... -->
     <span class="k-pager-sizes k-label">
            <!-- The page-size picker goes here -->

In contrast, the Kendo Razor libraries generates the following element structure, where the k-pager-sizes element falls inside the k-pager-numbers-wrap element:

<div class="k-pager k-grid-pager k-pager-md"> <!-- The pager bar -->

     <div class="k-pager-numbers-wrap">
             <!-- ... -->
            <span class="k-pager-sizes k-label">
                  <!-- The page-size picker goes here -->


This breaks the styling. (I am using the bootstrap kendo theme) There is styling rule that imposes a minimum width on all buttons under .k-pager-numbers-wrap. This makes the drop-down arrow too wide, which causes the page size number to truncate.

    @each $size, $size-props in $kendo-pager-sizes {
        $_padding-x: k-map-get($size-props, padding-x);
        $_padding-y: k-map-get($size-props, padding-y);
        $_item-group-spacing: k-map-get($size-props, item-group-spacing);
        $_item-min-width: k-map-get($size-props, item-min-width);
        $_pager-dropdown-width: k-map-get($size-props, pager-dropdown-width);

        .k-pager-#{$size} {
            padding-inline: $_padding-x;
            padding-block: $_padding-y;
            gap: $_item-group-spacing;

            .k-pager-numbers-wrap {
                .k-button {
                    min-width: $_item-min-width;


 My current hack workaround is to add a more specific CSS rule.

@import "@progress/kendo-theme-bootstrap/dist/all.scss";

.k-pager-md .k-pager-numbers-wrap .k-dropdownlist .k-button {



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Ivan Danchev
Posted on: 31 Aug 2023 13:17

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for reporting this Grid pager rendering issue. We logged it internally for fixing.

We've updated your Telerik points.

Ivan Danchev
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