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Created on: 01 Jun 2023 14:33
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
Grid pager buttons rendered as anchor elements

Bug report

Not reproducible with the UI for ASP.NET Core Grid helper.

Reproduction of the problem

  1. Set the Total option of the DataSource in a Grid:
.DataSource(dataSource => dataSource
    .Read(read => read.Action("Orders_Read", "Grid"))
  1. Compare the rendering of the pager "next page" and "last page" buttons with the Total option set and without it.

Current behavior

The "next page" and "last page" buttons in the Grid's pager are rendered as anchor Html elements, when Total is set in the DataSource. When it is not set, the buttons are rendered as button Html elements.

Expected/desired behavior

The rendering of the pager buttons should be consistent and they should render as button Html elements.


  • Kendo UI version: 2023.1.425
  • jQuery version: x.y
  • Browser: [all]