Last Updated: 09 Feb 2023 15:47 by Reza
Created on: 03 Feb 2023 07:45
Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
New Function to Collect JavaScript Errors

There are cases where we observe JavaScript errors, and the experience is like opening the Developer Tool in the browser and check the log in the Console. When the problem resides on the user, it is not easy to guide them to perform this action. To overcome this problem, there is a need for JavaScript error collector function. When we call this function, it should collect all JavaScript error log files and send them as a list. Then the developer would be able to use it to troubleshoot issues and also could implement interface like collect and store JavaScript error log files. It is recommended the error collector support the following data:

Location: the page leads to error.

Date and Time: with ability to customize it like set a time zone or default to match server.

Error message: Complete error message in the client

User: In case user login to the page

Browser-Agent Data: information about user's browser, operating system ...

Posted on: 09 Feb 2023 15:47

Hi Anton,


I am aware of methods outside the Telerik, but I was hoping a new and simple function in the Telerik to make job of developers easier.

Anton Mironov
Posted on: 09 Feb 2023 15:42

Hello Reza,

Thank you for opening this Feature Request.

In order to use a workaround, I would recommend searching for libraries that already have this functionality.

The following forum thread is representing a couple of approaches that could be useful:


Kind Regards,
Anton Mironov
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