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Created on: 03 Feb 2021 23:01
Category: FloatingActionButton
Type: Bug Report
Calling "show" does not cause the button to appear after a call to "hide"


In working with the FloatingActionButton in release 2021.1.121, I have found that calling "show" after a call to "hide" does not result in the button being displayed again. It seems that the call to show is not removing the k-hidden class.  This Dojo[1] shows the code that I am working with.

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Posted on: 04 Feb 2021 08:10

Hello Sean,

I can confirm that the observed behavior is related to a bug in the component when using custom classes on the initialization element. Thus, I have converted this thread to a public bug report visible in the Feedback Portal.

As a temporary solution, you can remove the custom classes and instead use an id to initialize the component similar to the following demo:

As small token of gratitude for reporting this issue, I have also increased your Telerik Points accordingly.

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