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Created on: 05 Jan 2021 10:57
Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Bug Report
Custom and Text validation lost when converting to DPL workbook

Currently, only the List and Number validation rules are supported when using Workbook.ToDocument();


It happens when the type of validation is text or custom 

for example:

If I saved :

"validation": {
                "type": "reject",
                "comparerType": "custom",
                "dataType": "custom",
                "from": "AND(LEN(A2)<3)",
                "showButton": true,
                "allowNulls": true

I get back:

"validation": {
                "type": "reject",
                "comparerType": "equalTo",
                "dataType": "number",
                "from": "=AND(LEN(A2)<3)",
                "to": "\"=\"",
                "allowNulls": true

It happens also when the comparer type is text - it saves it as a number

Also when I use the create validator with your UI and choose a custom formula it can't be saved because the compare type is null. As a result, I must define manually the custom validator