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Created on: 27 Apr 2020 18:49
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Missing code in demo website example

In addition to the Foreign Key editor template, populate a list which holds all the categories and pass it via the ViewData - you can see how this is done in the ForeignKeyColumnController.cs PopulateCategories() method.

On the above page, the above statement is made.  Other than the function call to PopulateCategories() I don't ever see the actual code run in the function shown anywhere.  Can someone please add that code and/or point me to my misunderstanding?

Thank you.

Court Harris
Equity Residential

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Silviya Stoyanova
Posted on: 30 Apr 2020 08:56

Hello Court,

Thank you for pointing out the missing method in the provided Demo! The code will be added.

Here is the actual method implementation:

private void PopulateCategories()
            using (var dataContext = new SampleEntitiesDataContext())
                var categories = dataContext.Categories
                            .Select(c => new CategoryViewModel
                                CategoryID = c.CategoryID,
                                CategoryName = c.CategoryName
                            .OrderBy(e => e.CategoryName);

                ViewData["categories"] = categories.ToList();
                ViewData["defaultCategory"] = categories.First();


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