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Created on: 27 Feb 2020 11:17
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Menu items are duplicated in some cases when binding to remote data


I have problem with menu control. Sometimes its items are duplicated. To reproduce it do the following: 

- create a menu control;

- bind it to remote data source (to reproduce issue easier set some delay for server side method);

- hover on menu item (datasource request will start), fast leave menu item (don't wait until it open) and hover again (one more datasource request will start), leave it again (optional);

- wait some time until second request completed;

- open menu item.

As a result you will see duplicated menu items. This issue can be reproduced on your demo page https://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/menu/remote-data-binding.

Could you please suggest me some workaround for this?






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Posted on: 05 Mar 2020 08:44

Hi Artsem,

Thank you for reporting this behavior. As confirmed on the other thread, related to the issue, the behavior is indeed a bug in the Menu functionality. A Bug report has been logged and added to our backlog. You could track the progress on the item here:


For the time being, I cannot provide a possible workaround so I would suggest tracking the above item for any updates on the issue and update the Kendo version as soon as a fix has been released.

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