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Created on: 12 Jun 2019 03:01
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To whom it may concern,


       I’m one of your subscribed customers. And I’m writing to seek help in order to realize a filter display I want KendoGrid to show.


The following screenshot is the date filter display that KendoGrid has:

Can it be changed to the similar way as the following picture shows?


It is also acceptable if the filter can provide 3 different options to easily choose from for users:

  1. Before a certain date that the user can choose from a calendar just like the picture above
  2. After a certain date
  3. Between two dates
  4. In a certain date 



Best Regards,


If KendoGrid can not realize the above requirements, can you please provide an alternative plan?
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Posted on: 14 Jun 2019 14:07
Hi Ray,

In general, the widgets within the filter menu could be customized and interchanged. However, the requirement for using radio buttons with several different widgets and options would require to create a template from the ground up. The filter menu highly depends on the column's field and the grid cannot be aware of what exactly is rendered inside that template.

With that aside, the stated requirement is rather a custom implementation than a feature that could be implemented in order to provide such appearance out-of-the-box. What has to be done is to fully interchange the HTML content from the filter menu, initialize the relevant widgets and construct the filter expressions manually.

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