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Created on: 25 Apr 2019 14:30
Category: MultiSelect
Type: Bug Report
MultiSelect's single tag remains after using the Clear Button even though there are no selected items

If a single tag MultiSelect is blurred on filtering and then refocused, then the clear button is pressed with the dropdown open, the single tag remains even though there are no selected items.

1.  Run this dojo.
2.  Click on MultiSelect input and type L
3.  Click outside the MultiSelect to blur it - filter is removed.
4.  Click on MultiSelect input (dropdown opens) and press the clear button.

Current behavior
MultiSelect value is cleared. But the single tag remains visible and states that there are selected items even though there are none.

Expected/desired behavior
The single tag should be removed as shown in this Kendo UI Dojo using R3 2018.

Handle MultiSelect's change event as follows:

            function onChange(e) {

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Posted on: 02 May 2019 06:50
Hello Mark,

I noticed that you have a separate ticket on the same topic. Therefore, I would suggest to continue the communication there in order to prevent thread duplication.

To summarize - the issue is logged in the Kendo UI GitHub repository with the highest priority label. The recommended approach is to subscribe to the issue in order to get notified as soon as the status of the item changes. In the mean time, the provided workaround could be used as a temporary solution.

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