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Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
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MVC widget that supports rapid data entry like ASP.NET WebForms ListView
We have a web page critical to the web application. In the absence of a suitable MVC widget we had to use a ASP.Net WebForm ListView control along with ASP.Net Ajax (Accordion for expand/collapse functionality) and JQuery (for client side validation). 
The web page accomplishes the following key functional requirements –
a. Ability to group products –  Using ASP.Net Ajax we were able to provide the expand / collapse visual effect.
b. Ability to enter order quantities very quickly -  a lot of stores place orders at the last minute  (5-10 minutes before order deadline) for valid reasons.  The web page provides a text box inline for quick entry.  On a desktop, the user can traverse the rows within the group using the tab key.   The web page typically contains 150 –  200 products for entry.   With Telerik MVC Grid widget, in the absence of inline editing, having to click on Edit/Update/Cancel buttons dramatically increases the number of clicks / touch / swipe.  Besides, it creates a real estate issue on smaller form factors.  
c. Real time validation – using JQuery we were able to validate the row as and when the quantity was entered.  Any error would show below the row in question.  The error would continue to show until the quantity was revised.  The error however, will not stop the user from entering quantities on other rows.  This approach lets the user review any errors in the end.

The closest MVC widget we could use from the Telerik collection was the grid widget with grouping.  However, it falls short on points b and c above.  There is probably some workaround available but then we would lose the LOW CODE advantage.