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Created on: 07 Feb 2017 11:37
Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
Chart Legend item show/hide to store throughout all other pages of the pager
I am using kendo chart with dynamic series with dynamic legend name.If i want to click on one legend item its getting hidden.but if i am going to a another page it is not hidden again it is refreshed .
I want to store these legend items throughout all the pages as hidden.Please send me a solution to achieve this kind of scenario
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Posted on: 07 Feb 2017 13:20

thank you very much for your interest in Kendo UI. The feedback portal is a place where people can share (and vote for) ideas on how we can make the product better. Should you need assistance of with the implementation of your scenario, you should consider contacting our professional services department. Further details about the offering are available at