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Created on: 12 Oct 2015 17:20
Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
Razor-created grids serialized in a lightweight-way
The serialization of a grid should be more lightweight. Texts are serialized multiple times - for each column and in case of several grids on a single view all texts are serialized many times.

The serialization of "standard-texts" can be optimized:

"filterable": {
                        "messages": {
                            "info": "Zeigt Zeilen mit Werten, die",
                            "isTrue": "ist richtig",
                            "isFalse": "ist falsch",
                            "clear": "Löschen",
                            "and": "Und",
                            "or": "Oder",
                            "selectValue": "-Wählen Sie-",
                            "value": "Wert",
                            "cancel": "Abbrechen"
                        "operators": {
                            "string": {
                                "eq": "Ist gleich",
                                "neq": "Ist nicht gleich",
                                "startswith": "Beginnt mit",
                                "endswith": "Endet mit",
                                "contains": "Beinhaltet", "doesnotcontain": "Beinhaltet nicht"
                            "number": {
                                "eq": "Ist gleich",
                                "neq": "Ist nicht gleich",
                                "gte": "Ist größer als oder gleich",
                                "gt": "Ist größer als",
                                "lte": "Ist kleiner als oder gleich", "lt": "Ist kleiner"
                            "date": {
                                "eq": "Ist gleich",
                                "neq": "Ist nicht gleich",
                                "gte": "Ist nach oder gleich",
                                "gt": "Ist nach",
                                "lte": "Ist vor oder gleich",
                                "lt": "Ist vor"
                            "enums": {
                                "eq": "Ist gleich",
                                "neq": "Ist nicht gleich"
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Angel Petrov
Posted on: 11 Jun 2021 14:38


The messages are identical but the grid can be configured to serialize different messages for the different types of data. From that point of view optimizing the messages means losing the flexibility which is not desirable.

Angel Petrov
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