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Created on: 05 Dec 2014 12:34
Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
Export Gantt data( to PDF or Other) - Should Export all data not only the visible data
Nowadays, was promissed exporting Gantt to PDF.
It is not working. Just prints what you see. It is very limited.
Should allow: 
1)  option like "allPages" to print all Gantt Diagram in any page format.
Making a "printscreen" of the visible gantt it is any solution for any project. 

2) Export Gantt data to excel.

Posted on: 19 Sep 2016 05:17
This Pdf export enhancement is supported with the Q1 2015 release of the gantt.
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 09 Feb 2015 15:01
Export to Pdf is supported by the gantt in the way presented in the online example you linked, Luis. 
Posted on: 07 Feb 2015 16:39
As mentioned before is explained on yours website at:
that exists this functionality that exports Gantt to PDF, but in reality this continues not to be available.

Is there nowadays any ideas when this funcionality will be released?
Imported User
Posted on: 06 Feb 2015 17:00
+1 on this, it's a super cool function but near useless if a scrollbar is visible
Posted on: 12 Jan 2015 14:00
This PDF Export is really very important as showed by telerik on and marked as new funcitonality "Export to PDF".
We need to know when this will be released to decide how we will manage our customers about the funcionality availability.
Hope to hear some news from you about the release, in which this funcionality will be available.
Posted on: 22 Dec 2014 15:57
Dear Telerik,
Is there any idea, when this promissed functionality will be available? 
What's your plan for this?