Last Updated: 11 Mar 2017 02:17 by Vasim
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Created on: 21 Jan 2013 15:42
Category: UI for ASP.NET MVC
Type: Feature Request
Add ToDataSourceResultAsync method
I'm using EF6 in my project, so I can use Async/Await on all methods.
My question is: could you add a ToDataSourceResultAsync method?
Inside, you could call CountAsync and ToListAsync.
Posted on: 11 Mar 2017 02:17
This is excellent, thank you so much!
Posted on: 10 Mar 2017 17:04
This feature is available since R1 2017 SP1 release. For more information about ToDataSourceResultAsync extension method you can refer to the articles below:
Posted on: 18 Jan 2017 23:38
Hello, any docs on the ToDataSourceResultAsync, I installed the latest R1 2017 and did not find the async method, perhaps it is named something else?
Posted on: 24 Nov 2016 21:27
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Posted on: 14 Apr 2016 16:22
+1 I'd like this too
Posted on: 04 May 2015 13:51
I also require this functionality.
Telerik Admin
Posted on: 09 Apr 2015 14:28
It's done, Vasim, thanks for the pointer.
Posted on: 26 Mar 2015 20:34
There are 26 votes as of now for the same request under UI feedback "support async task functionality for the todatasource result", anyway to merge these votes?
Posted on: 26 Mar 2015 20:34
Can these votes be merged with "Add ToDataSourceResultAsync method" under ASP.NET MVC Wrappers
Posted on: 11 Feb 2015 16:32
Would be great to have it like ToDataSourceResultAsync()
Jon Smith
Posted on: 19 Nov 2014 18:15
With .NET 4.5 and the major change over to async usage then this is important. If you need help then do contact me.
Posted on: 21 May 2014 05:43
I'd like this too. I think you'd get more votes if this was in the MVC Wrappers category though.
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Posted on: 13 Jan 2014 10:59
With .net 4.5 and ef 6.0 I'm missing this feature.