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Created on: 04 May 2020 12:27
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Type: Feature Request
Add a property to hide the scrollbar on RadSegmentedControl (inside the item data template)

Note : this might be a bug and maybe a fix would be better than a feature request.


I have a rad segmented control which is binded to a collection of 2 items.

The 2 items are well displayed without being cut off because there is a lot of space.

But on loading, the control shows a scrollbar for 1 or 2 sec even if there is enough space. I think the scrollbar is inside the SementedControlItem not the control itself as I can see some space between the two items, as there was 2 items then 2 scrollbars

I havn't tried on iOS, this scenarios occurs on Android.


Suggestion :

Add a property like the scrollView to hide always the scrollbar.

See the attached picture to see it in action.

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Posted on: 04 May 2020 12:57

Hello Olivier,

Thank you for the provided details and screenshot.

Please review the following feedback item:

My colleague Yana explained in it why the horizontal scrollbar is displayed.

Note that I have changed this item's status to "Declined" as this feature request is not valid for the RadSegmented control. The behavior with the scroll bar is related to an issue in Xamarin.Forms 4.4 

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