Last Updated: 30 May 2023 00:00 by n/a
Occasionally the DataGrid horizontal scrolling does not work properly after changing its ItemsSource.  Still, tapping on any item, make it possible to scroll again.
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Last Updated: 29 May 2023 14:57 by ADMIN
Paths in the documents are not visualized in the PdfViewer. 
Last Updated: 25 May 2023 08:30 by Sam

when using the justify toolbar item it does not justify the text. 

In Development
Last Updated: 11 May 2023 07:44 by ADMIN
For some TrueType fonts, the spaces are displayed as rectangles.
Last Updated: 02 May 2023 14:33 by Mauricio
Created by: Mauricio
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Category: MaskedInput
Type: Bug Report

Watermark text is not displayed on Android. 


set the WatermarkText property in code-behind with some delay:

Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(() =>
    mask.WatermarkText = "enter e-mail here";

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2023 10:27 by ADMIN
LoadOnDemandContext.HideLoadOnDemandLoadingIndicator() needs to be in an async method, otherwise it will keep the indicator visible forever
Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023 10:40 by ADMIN
When having the following scenario: 

Bound SelectedItem = A
Bound Items to the ListPicker.ItemsSource= {B, C, D}
Open picker.
Item B is highlighted.
Do not scroll or tap anything, just press OK

Expected -> SelectedItem = B
Actual -> SelectedItem remains A.

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023 09:02 by Edoardo

When adding a RadCalendar with Day ViewMode in a TabView and switching tabs, null ref exception is thrown. 

Workaround: Set TabView.IsContentPreserved to True 

Last Updated: 05 Apr 2023 08:10 by Nethra

System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Count cannot be less than zero.
Parameter name: count
   at System.String.Remove(Int32 startIndex, Int32 count)
   at Telerik.XamarinForms.Input.MaskedInput.MaskParser.ConstructCandidateTextForMaskTypeRegex(String oldText, Int32 startIndex, Int32 selectionLength, String enteredText, Boolean userDeletes, Int32& insertIndex)
   at Telerik.XamarinForms.InputRenderer.UWP.MaskedInputFormsTextBox.CreateCandidateText(KeyRoutedEventArgs e, Int32& actualInsertIndex)

The issue can be reproduced in SDK Browser application MaskedInput/Features/Regex Mask example IP and email masks when enter symbol like ., @, etc.



Last Updated: 28 Mar 2023 08:27 by James

When having the following code on a button click 

private void Button_Clicked(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
       this.chart.Zoom = new Size();

The chart zoom is reset first time, but when zooming again and pressing the button, the zoom level does not reset. You have to pan the chart, then zoom reset works. 

This code resets the zoom:

private void OnResetZoomClicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
	this.chart.Zoom = new Size(1, 1); // This line is added as a workaround to reset the Zoom level
	this.chart.Zoom = new Size();



Last Updated: 21 Mar 2023 17:27 by Rishik

When the RadShadow is added inside the Xamarin ListView cell, and then when scrolling through the ListView, the content in the cell disappear.

Use Telerik Xamarin RadListView control instead. 

Last Updated: 21 Mar 2023 12:55 by ADMIN
Created by: Lance | Manager Technical Support
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Category: Gauges
Type: Bug Report
Using a DynamicResource to set the GaugeRange Color property does not work:

<!-- does not work -->
<gauges:GaugeRange Color="{DynamicResource GrayBackgroundColor}" ... />

Using a StaticResource works as expected:

<!-- works -->
<gauges:GaugeRange Color="{StaticResource GrayBackgroundColor}" ... />

Using DynamicResource for Indicator Fill works as expected.
Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023 12:03 by ADMIN
Release R1 2023 SP1


In Xamarin R1 2023 (version 2023.1.117), there's an issue which Combobox placeholder is not showing when search is enabled. Placeholder only shown when isEditable is set to false.

This issue only present in the latest version. As I've tried to downgrade to the old version and it's working fine. 

Please fix it, thanks.

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023 12:02 by ADMIN
Release R1 2023 SP1
Telerik.UI.for.Xamarin NuGet package is missing Telerik.UI.for.Xamarin.Documents.Fixed.FormatProviders.Image.Skia package reference.
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Last Updated: 09 Mar 2023 15:56 by ADMIN
Created by: Travis
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Category: NumericInput
Type: Bug Report

I have a Xamarin.Forms app, but I only am using it for UWP at the moment. The plan is to have Android and iOS later, but I am having issues with the RadNumericInput (Xamarin.Forms) and how the decimal key is handled.

Here is my XAML

<tkInput:RadNumericInput Grid.Row="4" Grid.Column="1" Value="{Binding Price, Mode=TwoWay}" StringFormat="{}{0:C2}" />

Right now, "Price" will default to 0. The UI will initially show $0.00 because of the StringFormat. That is working fine. When I put focus into the control, I only see 0, that is also fine. The issue is when I try to type a decimal. The value disappears and I see an issue in my Output that says -- Binding: can not be converted to type 'System.Int32'


Example steps:

  • With the value set to 0.00
  • Focus the control -- you will now see just 0
  • Press the decimal key (aka the period key)
  • Notice the error in the Output window in VS and also the control shows nothing at all
  • If you press the decimal key again, you will see two decimals in the control

**** Also, the Version of the Telerik controls I am using is -- 2019.2.603.360. The drop down below doesn't let me choose that version.

Last Updated: 09 Mar 2023 15:49 by ADMIN
Release R1 2021 SP1
Native Android Editor widget throws an exception when long tap is performed
Last Updated: 09 Mar 2023 08:25 by Peter
Null Reference Exception is thrown when the ListView is initially grouped and navigating back to page where is the ListView and new RangeCollection is assigned to the control.
Last Updated: 03 Mar 2023 14:07 by David
Some cultures have Monday as a first day of week. When device language and culture change, the RadCalendar first day of week remains Sunday, not Monday. 
There is an inconsistence in the behavior. Android Calendar changes the day to Monday. iOS not. 
Last Updated: 03 Mar 2023 09:37 by Brandon

Having a ComboBox inside the RadListView ItemTemplate. 

Binding the ComboBox SelectedItems. 
On UWP when PropertyChanged is called on an item in the ListView, it fires the ComboBox SelectedItems CollectionChanged with action Remove, which is wrong behavior. And as a result the ComboBox SelectedItems collection is cleared. 

On Android an iOS works as expected, the ComboBox SelectedItems collection is not cleared. 

Last Updated: 02 Mar 2023 14:27 by James
Created by: James
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Category: ListView
Type: Bug Report
when using the ItemHold event and command. The event is not fired and the command is not executed
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