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When LoadOnDemandMode is set to "Automatic" and LoadOnDemand event is used to load items asynchronously, the event is fired multiple times with a single gesture.
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We are experiencing a hard crash when updating a collection that is the source for a RadListView.   This appears to only occur in Android 10 on Samsung device with Bixby Button enabled.   
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When you have a Chart instance with fixed size and it's larger than the screen size, the Chart is not rendered and the following error is displayed in the VS output:

"RadExtendedCartesianChartView not displayed because it is too large to fit into a software layer (or drawing cache)"

Last Updated: 01 Apr 2020 11:33 by ADMIN
when applying custom label formatter to wrap the categorical axis label text, the text is not wrapped. It works fine on iOS and UWP.
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If you have the following PieChart with donut series definition:

<telerikChart:RadPieChart HeightRequest="200" 
        <telerikChart:DonutSeries ShowLabels="True"
                                  ItemsSource="{Binding Data}" />
        <telerikChart:DonutSeries ShowLabels="True"
                                  ItemsSource="{Binding Data1}" />

On android works as expected:

On iOS the series are overlapped and not visualized as expected. The radius factor is not respected

On UWP the second donut series in not visualized and the radius factor is not respected.

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Created by: Carl Lorenze
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My Rad Entry Doesn't Work in my Emulator but the other controls is working.

This is my Xaml:

this is the my Emulator the Radentry is does doesn't Working.


Please Help me...

Advance Thank youu

Last Updated: 30 Mar 2020 13:24 by ADMIN

ListViewLoadOnDemandCollection method is not triggering in iOS automatically when there is a need to display the items on the screen. We have to manually scroll the list view then the ListViewLoadOnDemandCollection triggers and give further data to show. 

Things are working fine on Android platform.

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Created by: Jag
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In the SearchViewSingleLineItems Telerik template, it places a RadListView in an auto-sized RowDefinition. As a result, this causes the RadListView not to appear on iOS. This should be a star-sized row as mentioned in this UI for Xamarin documentation.

Although unrelated to the issue, the deprecated RadAutoComplete is being used for the example. Please update it to use the new RadAutoCompleteView instead.

Please update this template (and any other search templates that might have the same issues), thank you.

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Created by: Lance | Team Lead - US DevTools Support
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The LoadOnDemandItemTemplate's HorizontalOptions setting is ignored on Android, it will always be left aligned.

See this screenshot for comparison of 3 target platforms side-by-side:

The DataTemplate is as follows:
        <Grid BackgroundColor="Red" 
             <Label FontSize="24"
                         Text="Load more items"
                         TextColor="Black" />
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2020 06:24 by ADMIN

the CANCEL text wraps to a second line on most of the Android devices. For example Hisense F20 (720 x 1280) and Huawei P9 Lite (1080 x 1920).


Last Updated: 27 Mar 2020 15:34 by ADMIN
Created by: Jag
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Category: Installer and VS Extensions
Type: Bug Report

The issue occurs when new Telerik project is created (or create Xamarin.Form new project, add the Telerik UI for Xamarin assemblies manually and then add some of the Telerik UI for Xamarin Item Templates.

All platform projects are including assemblies from the Portable. For example for the Android project assemblies should be included from the Android folder. 

Also this issue affects the simple login template - for example the entry controls for user name and password are not visible.
UWP it complains that the common.dll is missing even though that reference is present. I manually removed and added it to see if it resolves the issue with no luck.


add the Telerik UI for Xamarin suite using the Telerik UI for Xamarin Nuget Server.

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2020 11:13 by ADMIN

I have upgraded my Xamarin.Forms to version 4.5 and installed the dependent AndroidX nuget packages.  After upgrading UI for Xamarin to version 2020.1.318.1, I'm getting 3 errors below in my Xamarin Android project that seems to have to do with min SDK version when I try to build:

java/lang/String;Ljava/util/List;)[B :  invalid opcode ba - invokedynamic requires --min-sdk-version >= 26 (currently 13) ERROR in androidx.browser.customtabs.CustomTabsService$1.newSessionInternal:(Landroid/support/customtabs/ICustomTabsCallback;Landroid/app/PendingIntent;)Z: invalid opcode ba - invokedynamic requires --min-sdk-version >= 26 (currently 13) ERROR in androidx.browser.trusted.ConnectionHolder.getServiceWrapper:()Lcom/google/common/util/concurrent/ListenableFuture;: invalid opcode ba - invokedynamic requires --min-sdk-version >= 26 (currently 13) 

I'm targeting Android 9 and set the minimum supported SDK to 26.  The error hasn't gone away.

I upgraded to latest Telerik to address a reference issue with AndroidX.RecyclerView but it seems that these new errors are showing up now. 

Is there something I can do to resolve the error or do I just have to wait for the next Telerik UI for Xamarin release?


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Last Updated: 25 Mar 2020 06:54 by ADMIN
The default value of NumericInput is 0, so when Minimum higher than 0 is set, the increase and decrease buttons are disabled.  The erroneous behavior can be observed when the Telerik theme is applied, or when the ControlTemplate is modified.
Last Updated: 24 Mar 2020 08:21 by ADMIN

When RadPdfViewer is used in a master-detail page, I should maintain the previous page index when I traverse between pages.

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2020 16:37 by Jesse

Setting DataFormPasswordEditor inside a custom renderer on Android leads to the following exception:

Java.Lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.util.Iterator java.util.ArrayList.iterator()' on a null object reference

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2020 11:06 by ADMIN
Currently IsCheckedChanged command is raised when the BindingContext of the CheckBox is updated and this is a change in the behavior compared to previous releases.
Last Updated: 23 Mar 2020 09:46 by ADMIN
 If you create a login page, username password, and you run the app on the debugger, if you close the app using the debugger on visual studio the app closes and the keyboard stays displayed in the android main screen.
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Created by: Yana
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Applications that are built with AndroidX are currently not supported.
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