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Lance | Team Lead - US DevTools Support
Created on: 05 Nov 2018 14:10
Category: SegmentedControl
Type: Feature Request
SegmentedControl : Horizontal Scrolling
When there are more items than can be fit in a horizontal space, allow an opt-in feature to allow horizontal scrolling instead of cutting off the labels
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Posted on: 08 Nov 2018 11:49
We have reviewed the request and it seems such a feature contradicts with the control specification. Here are the requirements for segmented control on IPhone:
-	Limit the number of segments to improve usability. Wider segments are easier to tap. On iPhone, a segmented control should have five or fewer segments  (Source:
Taking this into account, I have updated the status of this item to "Declined". 

We'd recommend using RadTabView component ( in such scenarios.