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When the culture is set on app level and using resx files, localization does not apply. 

When changing the device culture, the resx files apply the values.

Last Updated: 20 Jan 2021 11:17 by ADMIN
Release R1 2021

when the device culture is changed to Arabic, the date picker does not respect the Hijri calendar

  • on iOS exception is thrown - System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified time is not supported in this calendar. It should be between 04/30/1900 00:00:00 (Gregorian date) and 11/16/2077 23:59:59 (Gregorian date), inclusive. Parameter name: time 

The DatePicker supports the Gregorian calendar

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Created by: Mayank
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Provide a way to disable/ restrict selection of certain dates inside the DatePicker, DateTimePicker controls. For example, non-working days cannot be selected, weekends, etc. 
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Release 2020.3.1207 (R3 2020 minor release)
All columns cannot be scrolled with the mouse wheel. Dragging the columns with the mouse kind of works, but extremely slowly, to the point of being unusable; plus, it's not intuitive.
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DatePicker cannot be focused through Tab key on the keyboard. Looks like it doesn't support VisualElement.IsTabStop.


This is the tab order:




Datepickers are skipped. 

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Release 2020.3.1106 (R3 2020 minor release)
In Release mode: Clicking on any of the numbers does nothing.

In Debug mode, clicking the numbers works as expected:
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Created by: Robert
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When RadDatePicker is used in debug/testing modes:


When running in release mode:





The border is missing, and the line under the header date as well.


A coworker reports he can't set the header template at all, but I haven't confirmed that yet).


The control is defined as follows:


<telerikInput:RadDateTimePicker WidthRequest="175" BorderColor="#333" BorderThickness="1" ...