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Please add a Step Line series type to RadCartesianchart.

As an example, see UI for ASP.NET AJAX's version here https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/htmlchart/examples/charttypes/spline-and-step-line-chart/defaultcs.aspx

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highlight text with each page


app searches db for word occourences

Viewer then highlghts the word eg. Search for contract, app displays grid of contracts

selecting a row displays the selectedcontract

viewer highlights the search words on the visible page.


on phone so apolgies for spelling





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Scrolling a TreeView with expandable items on iOS causes items to randomly change position in the control and prevent items from being selected.
This renders the control unusable on iOS when expandable items are present.

I've attached a basic project that demonstrates the issue.
The project just needs the latest Telerik binaries added to it. They were too large to include.

I believe this is the same issue Martin was experiencing in the comments of https://feedback.telerik.com/xamarin/1427193-treeview-ios-wrong-visualization-with-custom-itemtemplate

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In the SearchViewSingleLineItems Telerik template, it places a RadListView in an auto-sized RowDefinition. As a result, this causes the RadListView not to appear on iOS. This should be a star-sized row as mentioned in this UI for Xamarin documentation.

Although unrelated to the issue, the deprecated RadAutoComplete is being used for the example. Please update it to use the new RadAutoCompleteView instead.

Please update this template (and any other search templates that might have the same issues), thank you.

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We are using Xamarin Forms and Telerik for iOS and Android.

We were asked several months ago to host our Xamarin Forms app on WPF.

Currently, SyncFusion is the only one to support WPF.

Will Telerik support WPF for Xamarin Forms someday ? Do you have any idea when ?

If you won't support it, I will be obliged to move to SyncFusion (WPF will be mandatory soon as we will migrate our WPF app on Xamarin : a merge of our products and our dev team)

We have both Telerik and SyncFusion. We decided to use Telerik for 95% of our controls (except the ListView where SyncFusion got more advanced features).
We prefer to stay on Telerik for as long as we can but won't have other choice to migrate to SyncFusion if Telerik will never provide WPF controls for Xamarin Forms.

Thanks a lot