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Created on: 26 Apr 2022 15:27
Type: Bug Report
Data binding in Visual Studio 2022...

I recently upgraded to Visual Studio 2022 and the IDE is now a 64-bit process.  I am unable to assign a dataset while in VS 2022.

However, this still works within Test Studio...

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Posted on: 27 Apr 2022 12:43

Hi Ruban,

Thanks for reporting this misbehavior in Visual Studio 2022. We will need to explore this further on our end and thus I converted this ticket to a public bug report which status can be checked on our feedback portal here (this is why I removed the screenshots from your original message and left the one with the error). 

At this stage the only workaround seems to be to use Test Studio to data bind the tests. If there is any other workaround, I will get back to share it in this thread. 

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