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when I open TS -> Results -> 

lets say it's Wednesday, a noon, and I have daily runs. I see some already executed - marked as green or red, and some yellow tiles, from the future. When I try to check what is the PC node name where a single task (list) will be executed, I don't see that info on a tile directly. Moreover, when I go and edit it, I see settings for a frequency and time, in next step I see what is the name of list selected, but on the very next step, where all nodes are listed, nothing is selected. That looks like a bug. So, if I have 20 things scheduled, I need to rely on my own notes to be sure I edit correct task. The name of the PC is available only for already executed task. No idea why it's not visible for future runs. 

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Enter text step added from the Step Builder has the 'Encrypt' property greyed out and there is no option to make it active and use it. 
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Schedule a test list with 'Rerun failed tests' option set to true. 
  2. The project to upload to Storage needs to produce a compilation error upon execution. 
  3. Check the test results.

Expected: The test list run does not execute any of the tests due to the compilation error and logs a failed test list result.

Actual: The test list run does not execute any of the tests due to the compilation error and logs a passed test list result.


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I need to export the contents of our test lists to a CSV, TXT or Excel file. There is no option other than exporting the generated results from a test list run. 

However I need to be able to export the tests in a test list before I get to the point of executing these. 

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Test Studio supports adding a single custom base test class in the project. If one more base test class is defined and listed in a test code-behind file, the coded steps will be listed as empty and will not show the option to choose any of the methods in the test class.The steps will be still executed, but no changes can be applied within Test Studio (only in VS).

because I want many test sharing the same OnAfterTestCompleted(), instead of adding it to each test, I created new class:


namespace test_studio_tests
    public class CustomWebAiiTest : BaseWebAiiTest
        public override void OnAfterTestCompleted(TestResult result)
            // some code to be executed 

and then all the tests to inherit from this new class

public class TestClass : CustomWebAiiTest

instead of Base one as they did so far. in TS project keep compiling, but then all the tests have extra icon and coded steps are not recognized anymore. in the meantime in VS2022 with TS plugin, all is recognized and keep working without any issue.

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Once I have the browser up and running I don't need to start from 'Log onto URL'. Hence my high partial test run use.
I may be only running part of a test, but when the test is 500 steps its cumbersome to highlight the section I want to run, and where to stop.
It would be much easier to set a breakpoint, run the part of the test I need, and stop midway.

Last Updated: 29 Mar 2024 13:22 by Marek

There is no option in Test Studio recording capabilities to add a step which sets value for the WPF RadSlider control. It will be useful to have such similar to the WPF slider control. 

The workaround is to set this in a coded step like this:

// Accepts values from 0 to 1
Applications.SliderTestexe.MainWindow.Item0Radslider.Value = 0.25;

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A wpf application does not start correctly in Test Studio because the working directory cannot be specified.
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Support for VS Community Edition 
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Building the find expressions for elements in HTML during recording respects the Identification Logic:

That isn't the case when Test Studio builds chained expressions though (e.g. it cannot find an Id or Name to build direct expression thus locates a unique parent element to include in the find logic.

In this case TS respects the Id or Name only and not the rest of the attributes (including custom ones).

It will be nice if the chained find expressions building algorithm is extended to respect the preset identification logic as well.
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Dear Telerik Support Team,

Currently, when running multiple test cases in Telerik Test Studio, we encounter the need to repeatedly launch and close the application under test for each individual test case. This process of launching and terminating the application adds unnecessary overhead and significantly extends the time required to execute our test suite.

To streamline our testing process and improve efficiency, we would like to suggest the implementation of an option that allows us to run multiple test cases without automatically killing the application at the end of each test case execution.

This feature would enable us to execute multiple test cases sequentially within the same application instance, eliminating the need to repeatedly launch and close the application for each test case. As a result, we would experience significant time savings and improved productivity in our testing efforts.

We believe that adding this option to Telerik Test Studio would greatly benefit your users and enhance the overall usability and efficiency of the tool.

We kindly request your consideration of this feature request, and we would greatly appreciate any updates or feedback on the feasibility of implementing this option in a future release of Telerik Test Studio.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to your response.
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I want to keep using only UPLOAD button in top menu of TS, so to have upload done intentionally. Want to hide this question every time I close TS.
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Hello Progress Support,

I wonder if we can have "Bind data" applied on the "String Length" in "Generate random string" step?

Thank you for your help.



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Created by: Max
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Currently when I create a Git repo and connect Test Studio it creates default branch called "master".

Would it be possible to make it consistent with good practice and Git standard and rename it to "main" in the next version of Test Studio?

Can this be added as feature request please.

Thank you,



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Last Updated: 08 Jan 2024 15:11 by Rohan

When you execute a test list in CI environment with the ArtOfTest.Runner.exe, there is no option to publish the results to the storage server (if you have setup a storage server).

It will be great to have this option, so we can view the results in the Executive Dashboard.

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Created by: Kristina
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Allow users to add custom arguments when executing tests against any of the supported browsers.

This includes the Chrome Headless execution, which always defaults to en-EN language argument for example and you can't change it.

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When generating videos for the test runs from a test list, the output video files uses the name of the test only. There is no indication which is the test list from which this test was executed and when having multiple runs and videos it is difficult to relate these with the generated results. 

It will be useful to generate the names of the videos from a test list in a way to correspond to the test list name and particular run. 

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Update the predefined device config settings with the latest available common iOS and Android devices. Check if the User-Agent request header needs to be updated as well, or more options to be provided. 
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Currently the exported result contains extended details only for the failed steps. If there is a warning for a step - like the warning that the element was found only by image, this can be only seen in the Test Studio result file. 

Extending the HTML exported result to show the step warning details will be very useful for anyone who review this type of result (attached in an email after a scheduled run, for example). 

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Created by: David
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Allow the ArtOfTest.Runner to publish the results to the Executive Dashboard. There they can be seen by members of the team, who do not have Test Studio installed.

Make it possible for the ArtOfTest.Runner to use multiple execution machines. Distribute the test list execution to other execution servers.

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