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Currently sending a dynamic target towards JSON POST data replaces the complete string. 

Add the ability to parse the JSON POST data and replace only certain parts of it. 

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Hi Team ,

I wanted to customize the result generated from Test studio. Kindly guide me a way.





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Created by: Dalibor
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Dear Telerik team,

I would like to verify if an image has appeared at a certain position in my desktop application. I found in the Telerik documentation that this is possible for Web and WPF tests. Is this feature also available for desktop tests? Or is there some trick to verify the image without this feature?

I am currently using the free trial version of Telerik Test Studio to see if it meets all my needs and whether I will get the full version.


Thank you


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I have a request that uses GET protocol and as well as it uses some body. I modified to POST or other protocols. This time error differs. I looked it up it is possible to send body through Get call, although not recommended for sure. However, I need the test studio to be able to do this.
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Sample date picker used here

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start recording session and try to enter date into the date input

Expected: To record a step to 'Enter Text'
Actual: A 'Click' step gets recorded and no date entered is registered in the test. 


  1. Navigate to the page where is the date picker - I used this sample
  2. Add the date input field into the test elements (the Elements Explorer) - for this you can either use the recorded click step, or highlight the element and choose to add it to the element repository. 
  3. Once the element is into the project, you can add steps for it from the Step Builder - that includes the 'Enter text' action as well (from the Quick Actions section). 
  4. Type the date you want to enter without using the slashes - for example 1072022 for today's date. 
  5. Execute this step - you can use the partial test run options to execute only that step. Check what happens upon execution.
    Note: The Enter text step consists of few actions one after the other - these include a click action, which is being sent by default in the absolute center of the input field. Depending on the date picker implementation that could bring some inconsistency when entering the date - for example the month doesn't get changed at all. Actually if you manually click in the center of the input (even if this is not that precise) and enter the date, you will see the same behavior. If you click over the month, though, in the left part of the input you can then enter the date correctly. 
    If this is the case, you will need the adjustments described in the next steps. These will actually change the click action so that it clicks on the left side of the input.
  6. The 'Enter text' step needs to be converted to code in order to modify the properties of the click action. When the step is edited in code you can see the MouseClick() method is the default one and doesn't use any parameters. You can directly choose any of the methods overloads and specify a click point in the input field. 
  7. If you are not proficient in code writing and need some assistance to identify the right method to specify the location, you can use the following approach - while recording add a mouse click step through the Advanced Recording tools and choose the option to click on specific point from the target element. 
  8. Once you have that step, you can convert it to code - that way you can see the MouseClick() method and what attributes it uses to click on a specific point. You can copy that line of code and replace the click action in the 'Enter text' step sequence. 
  9. Then, remove or uncheck from the test the help mouse click step used to sort out the code.
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Sometimes customers want to be able to run their test with the browser launching in a special mode (e.g. incognito mode, custom/specific user profile, etc.). If the customer could add custom command line parameters to be used when launching the browser they could accomplish this.
Last Updated: 26 Sep 2022 06:56 by Gadi

Uploading multiple files works in Chrome with the browser in extension mode. This functionality is missing in extensionless mode and the test execution fails. Please provide a solution for extensionless mode.

As a workaround, there a coded solution here.

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Currently Test Studio adds images only for html elements. It will be useful to enhance the WPF elements and allow recording of images for these as well. 
Last Updated: 13 Sep 2022 10:01 by Daniel

Depending on the implementation of Kendo Menu via ASP.NET Core it returns different HTML. In the case where we use Html.Kendo it is generated in a way that works well with all built-in methods in the translators.

However, if we use tag helper syntax instead, the structure of the Kendo menu element is different and the code below times out.

KendoMenu menu = Pages.Home.MenuNavigation;

KendoMenuItem menuItemSettings = menu.AllMenus.SingleOrDefault(x => x.MenuItemTitle == "title");
Wait.For(x => menuItemSettings.AllOptions.Count > 0, menuItemSettings, 5000); // running into a timeout, because menuItemSettings.AllOptions always 0

It would be helpful to extend the functionality of the Kendo translators to include both types of DOM structure. We are using Kendo UI version 2022.2.510 and Test Studio 2022.2.804.

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Created by: Dev
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Kendo Angular Daterange component is not supported via built-in translator in Test Studio. But it can be automated out-of-the-box by typing the data directly into the input field with slight adjustment of the step: 

  1. Ensure the element find expression doesn't use the dynamic id of the input.
  2. Increase the step property TypingDelay from 50 to 100 to slow down the typing a bit.
  3.  Sample test is attached.

When executing this test with the recorded 'Enter text' step in Chrome and Edge it works fine. 

When executed in Firefox, the date isn't populated correctly as it gets typed only in the year section of the date input. 

Expected: The recorded step should behave the same for all browsers. Can this be fixed?

Workaround:  The current solution is to convert the 'Enter text' step into code and specify the coordinates of the click action so that the click happens on the left from the input center. Modified coded step is available in the sample test. 



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Which Windows Server versions are supported for use with Docker containers? The documentation here only shows how to setup up a Docker container on a Windows machine, but not on Windows Server and other images.

Please specify which version and images are supported for testing with Run-Time in a Docker container.

Last Updated: 17 Jul 2022 16:24 by Betsy

We use Test Studio with Visual Studio and we are able to use the Pending Changes feature of Visual Studio to see that we have changed certain test scripts and to check them in to source control. 

It would be better to show changes of tests and steps in a more human readable form. This applies for Test Studio projects that are under source control in Test Studio IDE or in Visual Studio.

Last Updated: 14 Jun 2022 13:50 by Daniel

Some actions in specific application with frames cannot be recorded as expected.

The last version of Test Studio when this was working fine is R3SP1 2020 (v.2020.3.1209). 

Further details shared internally.

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Created by: Dan
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Add the option to hide or resize the Step Result Details panel that persists for all tests in the project.
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Hi Team,

We're submitting a feature request based on Support ID 1567144.

Currently the tool does not support selection of multiple files through Open-File-dialog in WPF apps.

1 possible solution can be to multi-select files through key-press(which is present in other automation tools).

Last Updated: 09 May 2022 13:26 by Felix

Scenario: The steps for applying a filter in WPF grid columns is tied up with the index of the column in the current view of the grid. However, the columns in WPF grid can be reordered. And after changing the columns initial order, any steps to interact with the filtering, will act based on index in the current order.

Steps to get the scenario in action:

  1. Get to the grid in the application.
  2. Filter some of its columns.
  3. Change how the columns are listed in the grid.
  4. Apply changes in the filtering or clear the filtering. 

Expected is that you can identify the specific columns filters by their name, for example.
Actual is that the interacting with the filters is based on the order of columns. Or in other words the filter for the second column will be opened, if that was recorded, no matter if it is a different column. 

Feature request: Implement the option to use the column names to identify the filters to select. 

Workaround: The lack of this functionality can be covered in a coded step - the sample code below is based on the structure of the grid from the Telerik WPF demo app

// Add the cilumn name textbloxk element in the Elements Explorer so that you can use it in the code. 
            // Ensure its find expression uses the TextContent attribute - that way the element will be consistently identified no matter where it is in the grid
            var lastNameTextblock = Applications.WPF_Demosexe.WPF_Controls_Examples__GridView_ChartView_ScheduleView_RichTextBox_Map_Code_Samples.LastNameTextblock;
            // Locate the first parent element of that textblock, which is of type grid
            var cell = lastNameTextblock.Parent("Grid");
            // Create a find expression, which searches for element with XamlTag=filteringdropdown
            var expression = new XamlFindExpression("XamlTag=filteringdropdown");
            // Use it to locate and click on that element. 


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Created by: Micaela
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I am wondering how to adjust a kendo-rangeslider to a different value using the Test Studio. In this case the slider is wrapped in an HTML div. It does not respond to the Javascript events. 

Please consider addition this component to the Kendo components library in Test Studio.

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What would be helpful would be to add Excel as a format to the SaveToResultFile(....) call, rather then to have to depend on converting the .XML or other formats to .XLSX.
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I would like to enquire about the manual step in Test Studio. I am currently using it offline to test a wpf application and I would like to ask if we could adjust/fix the size/position of the manual step windows that pops up using coded steps or any other settings.
Last Updated: 07 Apr 2022 13:17 by Lee Teng
Currently when I record in iFrame, Test Studio does not use the BaseURL and CompareMode project settings. The Frame node is always recorded with the full URL.
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