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Multiselect control cannot be recorded against IE as expected. When selecting more than one value from it, using the Ctrl key, not all selected options are listed in the 'SelectedItems' step property.

The 'SelectedItems' step property does not display names of the selected items and it is not visible how many elements there are to be selected. 

If the desired items are manually added in the mentioned property, they will be selected correctly in run-time. 

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Created by: Girish
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While connecting  to Jira Cloud ( with valid userid and password, its giving error message "The remote server returned an error :(401) Unauthorized".

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Currently any custom added dynamic target should be created separately for each next request.

For example, if there is a user session token generated in the first responses and used in the following requests (as a cookie, header, etc.), the only way to pass it to all upcoming requests is to create a new one for each request. 

It will be useful to have the ability to reuse the already created custom target and only change its destination step. 

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Created by: Jeremy
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Currently Test Studio supports Toggle calendar action and selecting date from the visible month when automating Kendo Angular datepicker. 

It will be helpful if the support is extended and setting the date directly in the KendoInput is also an option. As of now using Actions.SetText() is not triggering the necessary events and real user behavior is required to handle the scenario. 

Depending on the exact implementation, a coded step may be required to enter valid date. 

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Test Studio  Run-time edition does not deploy the TestAdapter.dll with its installation.

Thus Test Studio tests cannot be executed with the VSTestConsole.exe in a Azure DevOps (VSTS) pipeline. 


The TestAdapter.dll for VS 2017 and VS 2019 is being deployed to the Test Studio installation folder (for Ultimate or Dev Edition installations) along with the respective *.vsix package. Until the misbehavior is fixed, the vsix package can be copied to the agent machine and installed with double click. Then refer the dll from the respective location. 

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Create folder hierarchy in {project}\Data\ folder to organize the external data sources.
For example:



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Last Updated: 28 Mar 2019 14:25 by Yulia
It will be useful to explicitly ignore the certificate check for  explicitly ignore the certificate check for unfinished internal applications. 
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When there are missing ODBC drivers, excel files cannot be data bound to a test. It will be helpful to include a verification for the availability of that driver and warn the user its installation is required to continue with data bound tests. 
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Created by: Jim Holmes
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I'm unable to shrink the width of the Test Explorer and Element Explorer.

In the attached file I'm unable to move the bar (highlighted with the red line) at all to the left.

I'd like to be able to shrink the width to the left, as both panes take up more room than necessary.


(SIDE NOTE: For some reason, the required "Version" drop-down only gave me versions way back to 2014. I'm on 2019.1.212.0)

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I have some databound parrent tests.


For these I have created seperate sheets in my excel, to ensure my part test are working i switch their databinding between the sheets to ensure them working in all environments.


Everytime i rebind a test the excel file gets corrupted! I have to restart the computer and then it works again… What is the fix for this? 


I have attached an example of being unable to open the excel document! 

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Changing the DPI settings to 125%, for example, on Windows 7 causes troubles with the Desktop clicks when running tests against Chrome. The click is below or above the target element. Highlighting in record mode may also be affected. 

Workaround: As a workaround the Desktop clicks (MouseClick() method) can be replaced with the Click() method, which works as expected. The alternative in a non-coded solution is to disable the 'SimulateRealClick' option for the click steps. 

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Hi Support,

I am facing the below issue with the Product.

We were able to isolate the issue and it is reproduce able on


Basically, the “ Run to Here “  or “Test as a Step” functionality ,  they both pretty much do the same job.

Taking you to the previously recorded steps to continue with further recording.


Steps to Reproduce-----


Create Test#1

Go to Bing. Com and record few tests and close the browser.

Now, Right Click on the last recorded step and Select Run -To Here.


At this point, try to record and capture the Elements.



When you use either of the above mentioned functionality, the Recording and Elements capturing would stop working.

We were able to reproduce this from mine and one of my co-worker's laptop.

 This is the  same issue what I am facing with our Application (few weeks back Test studio has a release, could be related to build as it was working when i downloaded the tool initially)

Please let me know if you need any additional details from me.






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in some cases when load run with profiling is triggered, randomly null data is returned that cannot be serialized and serialization exception is thrown in log and load result reports wrong default data

2019.1.307 LIB

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2019 16:17 by ADMIN

The latestMongoDB 4.0.6. cannot be restarted from Scheduling Configuration setup, the mongo service config gets broken if started through the Scheduling wizard and service cannot be started anymore. 

Workaround to resolve the not working MongoDB service: 

Using the latest version of MongoDB 4.0.6.
1. Since the current state of the Mongo service is not a working one, it will be required to completely uninstall the MongoDB and then perform a clean installation again. 
2. The important note is to install the MongoDB as a Windows service - this is the default configuration. 
3. This installation will install and start the MongoDB service. 
4. Next important thing to keep in mind is to avoid restarting the MongoDB service from the Scheduling configuration - this is the first tab of the wizard and it shouldn't be used until a permanent fix is available. 
5. The Scheduling and Storage services can be freely configured from the respective two tabs and the remote execution should be working now. 

Using a previous version of MongoDB 
1. If the version of MongoDB is not of great importance, you can install any previous version. 
2. The easiest way is to completely uninstall both MongoDB and Test Studio from Windows Control Panel. 
3. Then perform a clean installation of the latest version of Test Studio. This will install MongoDB 3.0. and you can freely start the Scheduling configuration. 

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Created by: Steve
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Add the ability to verify the content of a tooltipmade up from WPF elements as the one below: 

                        Points="16, 32 32, 32 24, 18"
                        ToolTipService.ShowDuration="360000" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Width="32">
                    <SolidColorBrush Color="Aqua"/>
                    <TextBlock Text="Foo"/>
                    <Ellipse Width="20" Height="20" Fill="Pink"/>
                    <TextBlock Text="Bar"/>

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I got a problem with the test studio and the element KendoAngularNumericTextBox. These are elements which can be used to increase numbers or input them.

The test studio sends chars, so the step fails every time.

Error Message: Step failed.
Target '[Element: kenod-numerictextbox: (id....)] is not a supported element to set text to.'
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Created by: Zach
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Type: Feature Request

Hi Team,

Wondering if it's feasible to offer official support for electron-based apps at some point in the near term. Since the framework already utilizes front-end technology, is this something that we may be able to incorporate into a future release?


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The 'new' Element Edit window does not extend into the entire frame, when there is no recorder attached and suggestions are empty.
Last Updated: 11 Mar 2019 15:15 by ADMIN

Good morning,

When checking in, the full path and name of the test is not viewable, even though  there is space in the window.






Last Updated: 08 Mar 2019 16:49 by ADMIN
Adding an event listener to an input element to catch Oninput and OnChange events isn't working. 
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