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Using the Telerik.ApiTesting.Runner.exe to execute API tests cannot output results in junitstep format. It throws an error if using the -f junitstep option when running tests or test suite:

[ERROR] Not supported test results format
Parameter name: junitstep
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I am presently working on a government contract and on a virtual machine they can not give me administrator rights because of resent hacks a policy.

Can I please get a contact number and email address that I can have the system administrator talk to and try to get this problem fixed because I am a contractor

and have been working with them to get this fixed and we have not been able to resolve this and because of this no testing is getting done for automation.

Please help I have been using telerik for over 5 years and this is the first time I have had this problem


Thank you

Donna DeVries



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Telerik does not support test studio assemblies in .net standard and does not have a test runner in .net core. Considering all of our Azure DevOps and container agents are running linux we will not be able to use the tool.

Please add this feature to your product.

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The tests and test lists are visible in the Test Explorer and can be run the first time you open the Test Studio project in Visual Studio 2019. After any changes or rebuilding the solution, the tests and test lists disappear from the Test Explorer.

The issue is related to the latest version of Visual Studio 2019 and is recognized in build 16.10.2.

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Add the option to start quick execution of tests in Headless mode from Visual Studio.

Currently it is available from the Select Execution Browser window, but if you have selected a preferred browser this window is skipped.

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Navigate to the application under test and click a link that opens in a new tab. Then, click within the new tab to redirect it to a new URL and close the tab. 

The result is that the Close pop-up window step is successful, but the tab is not closed. This results in issues with the following steps in the test scenario.

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If using the coded solution to launch a WPF app for testing (sample code listed here), the ArtOfTest.Runner crashes.

Workaround: Replace the line


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The 'ColorAndBackground:BackgroundColor' style verifications in Test Studio v.2021.1.309 cannot be added in recording mode - the value from DOM tree is missing in the Verification builder. Previously recorded steps cannot be executed as well. 
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Created by: Elena
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Type: Feature Request
Implement Headless browser support
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1. A Test Studio project in Visual Studio.

2. Add an independent element in the project - an element, which is not tied to a step and is added through the highlighting menu while recording (Add element to Repository). 

3. Try to rename this element.

Expected: To be able to enter new name for the element.

Actual: Visual Studio crashes and exits the project.

Workaround: The same element can be renamed in the Test Studio Standalone project. 

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If a test in a test list has compilation errors, it should not be possible to schedule it for execution. There is an error pop-up when I click on the Schedule Test List button, but no error if I right click on the test list and schedule it from there.

Please improve the behavior of the context menu in the Test Lists tab.


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Hi guys,

We're using Telerik Testing Framework for automation and running tests primarily against IE browser and since we have security policies enforced on clients, tests started to fail more often with ApplicationException on start.

After some investigation we found that in LaunchNewBrowserInstance() function in Core.Manager has hardcoded timeout to 5000, which is not enough now for IE to respond. As you can see in the code below, everything is using 'timeout' variable except 'Connector.Attach(ref handle, 5000);' - it uses hardcoded timeout to wait:

internal static object LaunchNewBrowserInstance(
      int timeout,
      ProcessWindowStyle windowStyle,
      string pipename,
      string url)
      string str = string.IsNullOrEmpty(url) ? "about:blank" : url;
        ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo()
          Arguments = (InternetExplorerActions.MajorVersion >= 8 ? "-nomerge " : string.Empty) + str,
          Verb = "open",
          WindowStyle = windowStyle,
          ErrorDialog = false,
          FileName = "iexplore.exe"
        System.Diagnostics.Process process = System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(startInfo);
        TraceInfo.Framework.ReportProcessLaunched(process, startInfo);
        IntPtr handle = InternetExplorerActions.WaitForIEFrameFromProcess(process, timeout);
        TraceInfo.Framework.WriteLine("Attempting to attach on IE frame (HWND={0})...", (object) handle);
        Connector.Attach(ref handle, 5000);
        System.Diagnostics.Process currentProcess = System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess();
        int num = currentProcess.Id;
        if (currentProcess.ProcessName == "ArtOfTest.Runner")
          num = InternetExplorerActions.SafeGetParentOrCurrentId(currentProcess);
        Connector.InjectCode(handle, InternetExplorerActions.ArtOfTestPlugin, pipename, num.ToString(), true, timeout, "");
        return (object) null;
      catch (Exception ex)
        throw new ApplicationException("Exception thrown attempting to launch Internet Explorer. Please make sure Internet Explorer is properly installed and you are able to launch it.", ex);

This is likely the cause, why our increased timeout settings are ignored and test fails shortly after start, even if we increase timeouts significantly. Visually, it looks like IE is doing some background job and is not responsive for some period of time and 5 seconds is not enough to wait. So, could you change the code to respect 'timeout' instead of using constant number?

We've been using Telerik Testing Framework for a long time already and from time to time had this issue, but workaround it by catching exception, killing browser and trying to launch it again. But now that trick is not helping anymore, the majority of tests fails with this exception on start.

This fix is really simple and will save us a lot of time, trying to invent some new solution to make IE more responsive on start.




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There is a Load test with two requests:
Request 1: In the response there is a token with the following string GZYQmiG0FWePB/ZvbtjN8mOpMQ5qL0R9u/EEoxUt812HF7eHlRBNG

This string is extracted in a custom dynamic target and its target is the second request as URL query.
Request2: URL is <host>/connect?token=GZYQmiG0FWePB/ZvbtjN8mOpMQ5qL0R9u/EEoxUt812HF7eHlRBNG

The issue is the "/" in the URL query is not encoded, which leads to an error.


Last Updated: 24 Nov 2020 15:27 by ADMIN

After the latest release of Chrome and Edge Chromium browser (version 87.x) the behavior of Close pop-up Window step is changed. Instead of closing the browser tab, the whole browser is closed and the execution stops. 

As a workaround for this issue, you can downgrade the browser to version 86.x or use Firefox or Internet Explorer temporarily.

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Created by: Chad
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Type: Bug Report

I am doing a Wpf test.


1. Connect to a script by right clicking on it and click record.

2. Program launches. Stop recording by clicking on Print Screen keyboard key.

3. Close the  program and recorder closes.


The recorder stays connected: 


So if I try to record or execute a script I get this message:


It looks like when I stop the recording and then close the program the recorder does not disconnect.

I have to completely shut the program down and restart test studio so I don't get the above error message.




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CaptureBrowser() functionality does not work as expected with Firefox browser on Windows 10 version 2004. The captured image shows only the browser frame and and white contend of the browser.


Last Updated: 13 Nov 2020 09:12 by ADMIN

Set a manual step anywhere after the first step and before the last step of the sequences to test. When the manual step is reached the dialog that is rendered will be black text on a black background and it is hard to read the isntructions. 

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Created by: R
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Type: Bug Report

I have enabled the "Reconnect to console on disconnect" option in my execution server. When I close the active remote connection, I noticed that the resolution changes and this causes my tests to fail.

Please find a solution for this.

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Created by: Ray
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Type: Feature Request

Show MongoDB service's status in the Configure Test Studio Services window in MongoDB tab. If it is running, it should indicate it in a similar way as the Storage and Scheduling services.

Currently, only when you apply the service settings, it is started and that is shown in the status bar. If I close the Configure Test Studio Services window and open it again, that information is missing again.

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Created by: Ewin
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Type: Feature Request
With Find Logic for an element, sometimes the Find Logic uses Text Content on initial element recording and other times the Find Logic uses ID. 

I request for functionality in Test Studio to prioritize what logic is actually used in the Find Logic.  Generally speaking on the applications I have used Test Studio to automate testing, there are elements that has specific text content on a page.  These elements start out with their Find Logic to have TextContent since I think that is the most unique identifier about them.  But as TextContent is concerned, there is a possibility of change of text on that element.  So I would target the element with the ID of the element or the ID of a parent element and then use tagindex to be specific.

After initial recording, I put in the extra time to modify the Find Logic to fit my need.  

If an element does not have an Id, but the element has a direct parent (only 1 level above) element with an ID, use that parent element and then the additional find logic for specific element over using TextContent. 

Having this functionality of Find Logic prioritization will hopefully provide a general consistency to improve my user experience.  
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