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Telerik has to provide Results format other than Junit, for e.g. Nunit which is supported by Azure.
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When we run Tests List using Test Studio Scheduler the results appear in Dashboard automatically. 

However, that is not the case for the below.

We have few Tests Lists that we execute from  Batch file using command line (CL) with ArtOfTest.Runner.exe .

I noticed that in this case Results show up in the Timeline but I have to manually publish them to the Dashboard.

In the Forum it looks like a lot of people expressed a wish to have the results appear in Dashboard automatically or have a utility we can run from CL to do that.

I submitted Ticket ID 1604324 and according to the response there is no feature like that available right now. 

Would you please consider adding something that can make this possible.

Thank you,


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Lodging the following support ticket against the Telerik e-mail account that the Assura Software licence is registered with: Failure of most of our Test Scenarios after the upgrade to Test Studio 2022.1.215.0 (telerik.com)

Important note: the web app the Telerik Test Studio test scenarios are run against depends on version 2020.2 of the Kendo controls .

According to Telerik's support person, Elena, Telerik has a solution to the issue described in the above ticket.


Looking forward to hearing from you to get this issue sorted promptly. Thanks in advance.

St├ęphane C. (Senior Software Tester at Assura Software)

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Created by: Brie
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We use WPF for a lot of our work - having Test Studio available for use while using WPF and .NET 5 is a highly desired feature for us.


Thank you!

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When it comes to automated testing of the API, it would be useful to support human-readable (markdown/html/pdf) formats.


We (dev & qa team) want to use the generated output file as documentation to make the test cases & results easily accessible for the product manager and colleagues without licensed access. The supported xml file already contains a lot of information about the tests.

The human-readable version does not need to be multilingual, English is perfectly sufficient. The format only needs a standard like markdown, html or pdf.


We would need something like that: 
C:\>"C:\Program Files\Telerik\Test Studio for APIs\Bin\ApiTesting\runnerconsole\Telerik.ApiTesting.Runner.exe" test -p "C:\DemoTests" -o "C:\result.md" -f markdown