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Test Studio version 2022.2.804.

Steps to reproduce

1. Use a tests, which enters text into an input field.
2. Use commas in the text to type. 

Expected: The text to get typed with all listed characters.
Actual: Commas don't get entered into the text field. 

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Created by: Courtney
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Type: Bug Report
I have a page with a RadEditor on it.  The recorder will not record text being typed in the editor.  Is there a limitation here?
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Start a recording session with a browser (Chrome or Edge) without using the Test Studio extension. 
  2. Navigate to a page where you can download a file and trigger the download.
  3. Insert the file name and choose a folder to save the file. 

Expected: A 'Handle Download Dialog' step is added to the test and the file is downloaded.
Actual: A 'Handle Download Dialog' step is added to the test but the file is not really downloaded and you can't find it the specified folder. 

The 'Handle Download Dialog' step is recorded correctly, though, and you can use it for execution. During test run-time the file gets downloaded correctly in the specified folder. 

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I am trying to edit the .testsettings file in my project. I am using Visual Studio 2022 and followed the instructions listed here. When I get to step 3 of the Visual Studio 2022 section I get an error that says, "Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: testType" and I am not able to edit the file.
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The application under test [Matrix] crashes, if the Test Studio recorder is attached and we execute a specific click step that opens a Save Dialog. The process to reproduce it is with Run -> To Here on the previous step and then Run -> Selected Steps on the problematic step.

The application under test freezes and ultimately crashes. There is no issue if we execute the whole test, or execute it with Run -> To Here after the problematic step.

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Created by: Jerry
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Visual Studio 2019 crashes after opening and closing tests and working on them for some time. The memory that Visual Studio uses increases to the point where it slows down and eventually crashes. 

There are errors from VSTSExecution in the Windows Event Viewer log and other errors about faulting module "C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll" from the time of the crash.


Last Updated: 03 Aug 2022 13:23 by Amanda

When generating chained find expressions Test Studio always uses the id tribute for the parent element and it doesn't take into account the actual order of attributes.

Then, if you completely remove the id from the find logic list settings, the generated find expression uses only TagIndex for the target element and no chained find expression. 

Generating this type of expressions need to be revised. 

Example shared internally!

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Created by: Simon
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MaskedInput date field behaves inconsistently when automating the control. The type text action often types all numbers in the currently active part of the date (the year for example).

The workaround is to identify the exact sequence of actions, which allows entering the text correctly - for example, click on the input, press the Home key, press the Delete key to remove the current date, enter the desired date. 

It will be great to improve the steps recorded out-of-the-box for that type of control.

Specifics shared internally. 

Last Updated: 27 Jul 2022 07:47 by Ruth

Trying to set a variable in API test from a Json response body, but the used Json path isn't matching anything from the Json file. If testing the same in, it returns the expected value. 

Specific details shared internally!

Last Updated: 21 Jul 2022 07:43 by Frank

We have a dynamic test list that includes several tests based on specific criteria. We executed this test list remotely once, but later decided to delete a few of the tests from the project. 

The dynamic test list shows the correct set of tests that should be executed, but when we execute it remotely, we noticed that the previously deleted tests were still executing.

There is no way to sync the current project with the storage server and the only workaround was to drop the project, tests and test lists from the MongoDB.

Last Updated: 14 Jul 2022 08:44 by Harry

Verification for OuterMarkup is failing after the original recorded steps is converted to coded step. The workaround is to add a Wait for Exists step against the target element either as a recorded step or in the coded step. 

Sample code for wait step:


Under Review
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Hi Team,

I had been using Telerik for UI automation but never faced this type of issue earlier. So the problem is while recording the test the screen doesn't changes but while running or testing the same test case screen size changes unexpectedly which results in failed step as after the screen changes the location of the elements also changes.

PFA - Actual Image & Expected Image.

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I have a test list where there are few tests in it and its set to re-run failed tests. If a test fails it re-runs and passes after re-run but the entire test list is marked as failed in HTML results. 

The same test list is showing green (passed) in Test Studio and Executive Dashboard. The issue is only in the exported results.

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The Connect to pop-up step fails on Chrome without the extension, but works as expected with the extension.
Need More Info
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I have a WPF UI that has multiple combo boxes, about a data grid.  The Combo boxes are used to change what appears in the grid.  When I am creating a test to verify the values of the items in the list, I am trying to get the hover menu to come up, but it quickly disappears when I try to get the menu item for a combobox item selected.  

As a work around, I have been able to click Alt-Tab, and then go back to the screen, and that keeps the menu open for me to select an item, but I shouldn't have to do this.


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Created by: Richard
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I recently upgraded to Visual Studio 2022 and the IDE is now a 64-bit process.  I am unable to assign a dataset while in VS 2022.

However, this still works within Test Studio...

Last Updated: 07 Apr 2022 13:12 by Lee Teng
I have already recorded elements under Frame node, where the BaseURL of the FrameInfo uses caret "^/" to replace the project BaseURL. When I record action/verification against another element in the same Frame, Test Studio adds new Frame node instead of using the existing one.
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The data driven data from Excel is trimmed to 255 characters, even though it is longer. This does not happen in all cases and I have attached a sample Test Studio project with test data that reproduces the issue.


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I have an expanded dropdown and I want to capture its state in a screenshot. I used the method below, but it excludes the dropdown that is open.


The workaround is to capture the whole desktop with a predefined step in Test Studio.

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TestStudio returns 0 for the number of tabs in a Kendo Angular TabStrip control. The behavior is reproduced on the demo page of the control -

Test Studio version is 2021.2.809.0

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