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Last Updated: 22 May 2023 19:47 by Steven

This is not really a bug. We are integrating Azure Dev Ops into our development environment and I've come across several links explaining how to integrate Test Studio to work in the Azure Dev Ops environment. It's still somewhat abstract to me, but it seems that one of the prerequisites highlighted in red below does not exist in our Azure Dev Ops Environment. Could I be missing something? Or have significant changes been made in the terminology that make it hard to keep up with?

Any help would be welcome or a point the right direction.


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Last Updated: 11 May 2023 13:30 by ADMIN
 I generated html report using  ArtOfTest.Runner.exe, but when I open the html file in browser,  I'm not able to see the images for Actual or Expected. It's always displays a default images.
Last Updated: 11 May 2023 10:14 by Dennis
When Kendo window is hosted in a iframe, created using javascript, Test Studio recorder does not detect mouse and keyboard actions. 
Last Updated: 10 May 2023 09:10 by rao
Resolve element find failure fails to update the test's element find logic.
Last Updated: 09 May 2023 09:15 by Jacob

Download dialog which is triggered from a new tab fails to be handled when running a test in Edge and Chrome extensionless mode. 

Such download dialog is usually triggered with a link similar to this: 

<a href="" target="_blank">Link to donwload</a>

The download dialog looks like this: 

Last Updated: 03 May 2023 16:32 by ADMIN

Hi there,


I'm looking for some clarification on what settings can be changed when passing a settings file to the ArtOfTestRunner.exe.

When I try to run a test list the settings for "Web" appear to follow the values I set as well as being able to change the Execution Delay, however when I try to change the 'RerunFailedTests' value it will still use the value set in the original list. 


Example settings.json I used

{	"Settings": {
  "__type": "ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.Settings", "__value": {
    "Web": {  "__type": "ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.Settings+WebSettings", "__value": {
        "RecycleBrowser": false,
        "DefaultBrowser": 12,
        "BaseUrl": "",
        "KillBrowserProcessOnClose": false,
        "KillBrowsersBeforeStart": false
    "ExecutionDelay": 0,
    "RerunFailedTests": true

How can I pass in the  RerunFailedTests value from the settings json file?


Thanks for your help,


Last Updated: 03 May 2023 11:20 by Steven

When trying to connect Test Studio project to Git source control the following error message appear:


Last Updated: 01 May 2023 14:04 by Richard Beverly
Created by: Richard Beverly
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The below snippet to find specific element fails to return the expected element. The Content is of the same element regardless of the "parent()" method.

 var item = Find.jQuery()
                    .classes(new string[]{"className"})

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Last Updated: 06 Apr 2023 11:34 by ADMIN
When you enable annotations and execute the test from  project's explorer context menu the annotations are turned off. 

As a workaround you should use quick execute button or F5
Last Updated: 06 Apr 2023 10:48 by Adam
Navigate to steps with set BaseUrl do not take that value when converted to code.
Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 21:27 by ADMIN
The Test Studio 2021 R1 SP1 contains changes related to the latest version of Kendo UI for Angular.

 As a result it seems that the translators for Kendo Angular Input and TextBox components are, currently, not backwards compatible with the previous versions of these controls. 

It will be great to fix these so that the latest Test Studio can be used for testing web pages built with previous versions of Kendo Angular controls.

Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 21:27 by ADMIN

When you add a "Wait for Exists" step from the Step Builder, against existing element in the Elements Explore, it will keep the image that was captured during the recording of that element.

That image is used as a backup logic to try and find the target element for the "Wait for Exists" step, but it should not be used. 

The workaround is to delete the image in the target element only for the "Wait for Exists" step.

Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 21:26 by ADMIN

Long test list execution with video recording generates large video file. As a result, after the run is finished, results are not stored successfully.

The data for large result size is reported to DB but it is not parsed correctly and you can see the following error in the application log.

[12/30 18:34:25,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(17620:40),Error] CloudStorageRepository`2.ExtractItemsFromResponseAsync() : ==========
{"Message":"An error has occurred.","ExceptionMessage":"Error parsing NaN value. Path '__value.TestResults[0].__value.ScreenRecordingResultSize', line 1, position 3160.","ExceptionType":"Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException","StackTrace":"   at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextReader.ParseNumberNaN(ReadType readType, Boolean matched)
Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 21:25 by ADMIN

The HTML output from ArtOfTest.Runner.exe from failed test is missing the expected and actual image on failure. The same details are available, if the output is generated from Test Studio Standalone version.

The actual image on failure exists in the specified output location, but is not included in the HTML. When you open the results with the Result Viewer, you can see the actual image on failure, but the expected image is still missing. Maybe those are 2 separate things to look at.

Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 21:25 by ADMIN
Created by: Larry
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The "Description" column is missing, when I export the test results from the Results tab in Excel. This was previously working on Test Studio 2019.1 and earlier versions. It looks to be a regression, so please take a look and resolve it.
Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 21:25 by ADMIN

When I close the Remote Desktop connection, the Test Runner on my VM reconnects to the Windows session successfully, but it does not set the correct resolution. 

It seems to default to a base resolution and not the one from Change Console Resolution settings in the Test Runner.


Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 21:25 by ADMIN

Auto-submitting a bug from local test run works as expected, but not from a remote execution server. 

The issue comes from the different certificates that Test Studio and the remote execution server use and the fact that there were changes in Jira's API.

Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 21:25 by ADMIN

I have an application, where 1 click triggers 2 consecutive confirm dialogs. I handled them both and Test Studio recorded 2 handle confirm dialog steps. 

When I run the test against Internet Explorer it works as expected, but in Chrome it is stuck at the second confirm dialog.

Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 21:25 by ADMIN

Both options to delete a cookie by domain and by cookie do not work for Chrome and Firefox. It still works for Internet Explorer though.

ActiveBrowser.Cookies.DeleteCookie(string domain);

ActiveBrowser.Cookies.DeleteCookie(Cookie cookie);

The ClearBrowserCache step is working as expected and clears all cookies.

Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 21:24 by ADMIN

I was able to add a custom dynamic target and bind it to a data source. When I do the same for another custom dynamic target with the same Field Name and save the changes, the data binding breaks.

Both dynamic targets are changed to the first target with the lower destination step.

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