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DisplayLabels can contain text, but because it is not a supported FrameworkElement, it is difficult to work with in code. Tests instead have to store a path to the element and use the full name - like Applications.MyApp.MyWindow.DisplayLabel1 - every time I want to refer to it. It leads to a lot of repetitious code as well as storing of unnecessary elements, especially where a Find.AllByType would otherwise be able to take advantage of the consistent structure.
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After using Telerik Test Studio for a couple of yeas I have found a persistent problem.  I have found myself renaming some objects in the Elements Repository because the auto-generated names didn't make any sense when they are used in coded step.  The Element Repository engine that is responsible for maintaining optimizing the elements often consolidates pages and elements often causes some element objects to go "missing" because it has renamed these items back to some auto-generated form in most cases.  Some cases I've had them disappear altogether because of our changing page definitions.  I have still been trying to find what is the best way to implement pages within our given test environments.

The Step Builder and the Element repository optimizer is great for those who are less technically inclined (e.g. BQAs).  However, I would like to request a mechanism for maintaining persistent names within the Element Repository.  This is mainly because the loss of named elements used in coded steps.  I have found myself resorting to the use of the XPath property to reference said object in coded step so that they, at least, compile.


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I have tried docking the Step Builder panel within Visual Studio various times and causes VS to crash every time.

  • Visual Studio Professional v16.7.30503
  • Test Studio plug-in v2020.3.1209.0