Last Updated: 21 May 2024 09:03 by William

A click step might throw ArgumentNullException when executed against a pop up that is in the process of being opened.


Exception 'System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: source
   at System.Linq.Enumerable.Where[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2 predicate)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.DesktopAutomation.DesktopFind.GatherResultsFromXPathSearch(String xPath, Int32 maxDepth, DesktopFindExpressionGroup group, List`1 roots, List`1 results)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.DesktopAutomation.DesktopFind.<>c__DisplayClass26_0.<AllByExpression>b__0()
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.DesktopAutomation.DesktopFind.RetryIfNullOrEmpty[T](Int32 retries, Int32 retryDelay, Func`1 findFunc)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.DesktopAutomation.DesktopFind.AllByExpression(DesktopFindExpression expression, Int32 maxDepth, Int32 maxRetries, Int32 retryDelay)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionUtils.FindElementInternal(IAutomationHost targetHost, FindExpressionElement expression, Region region, String& error)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionUtils.FindTargets(IAutomationHost targetHost, AutomationDescriptor baseDescriptor)
Last Updated: 30 Apr 2024 08:12 by Jeff

I need to export the contents of our test lists to a CSV, TXT or Excel file. There is no option other than exporting the generated results from a test list run. 

However I need to be able to export the tests in a test list before I get to the point of executing these. 

Last Updated: 24 Apr 2024 11:33 by Marek

There is a dialogbox in WPF app to which the recorder toolbar gets attached. When the highlighting is enabled for this window no of the elements get highlighted.

The workaround is to use the DOM explorer tab in the Advanced Recording Tools to locate the desired element and build the desired step that way. 

Details for the dialogbox and app shared internally! 

Last Updated: 29 Mar 2024 13:22 by Marek

There is no option in Test Studio recording capabilities to add a step which sets value for the WPF RadSlider control. It will be useful to have such similar to the WPF slider control. 

The workaround is to set this in a coded step like this:

// Accepts values from 0 to 1
Applications.SliderTestexe.MainWindow.Item0Radslider.Value = 0.25;

Last Updated: 21 Mar 2024 12:57 by Max
Enter text step added from the Step Builder has the 'Encrypt' property greyed out and there is no option to make it active and use it. 
Last Updated: 20 Mar 2024 16:08 by Tomáลก

Although the actual image files are with good resolution and are smooth, when displayed in the Failure Details Images tab they are blurry. 

It will be great to display the images better. 

Last Updated: 29 Feb 2024 09:41 by Pribadi
Dear Telerik Support Team,

Currently, when running multiple test cases in Telerik Test Studio, we encounter the need to repeatedly launch and close the application under test for each individual test case. This process of launching and terminating the application adds unnecessary overhead and significantly extends the time required to execute our test suite.

To streamline our testing process and improve efficiency, we would like to suggest the implementation of an option that allows us to run multiple test cases without automatically killing the application at the end of each test case execution.

This feature would enable us to execute multiple test cases sequentially within the same application instance, eliminating the need to repeatedly launch and close the application for each test case. As a result, we would experience significant time savings and improved productivity in our testing efforts.

We believe that adding this option to Telerik Test Studio would greatly benefit your users and enhance the overall usability and efficiency of the tool.

We kindly request your consideration of this feature request, and we would greatly appreciate any updates or feedback on the feasibility of implementing this option in a future release of Telerik Test Studio.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to your response.
Last Updated: 02 Feb 2024 12:38 by Software

Steps to reproduce: 

  1. Create a sub-folder in the project root to store the custom dlls needed for the project. 
  2. Add references to these into the Project settings.

Expected: The references are added with relative path starting under the project root.

Actual:  The project root is included in the relative path.

Last Updated: 22 Jan 2024 08:18 by Software
I want to keep using only UPLOAD button in top menu of TS, so to have upload done intentionally. Want to hide this question every time I close TS.
Last Updated: 11 Jan 2024 16:52 by Lisa
Created by: Lisa
Comments: 2
Type: Feature Request

Hello Progress Support,

I wonder if we can have "Bind data" applied on the "String Length" in "Generate random string" step?

Thank you for your help.



Last Updated: 11 Jan 2024 12:50 by ADMIN
Created by: Max
Comments: 1
Type: Feature Request


Currently when I create a Git repo and connect Test Studio it creates default branch called "master".

Would it be possible to make it consistent with good practice and Git standard and rename it to "main" in the next version of Test Studio?

Can this be added as feature request please.

Thank you,



Last Updated: 08 Jan 2024 09:01 by ADMIN

When generating videos for the test runs from a test list, the output video files uses the name of the test only. There is no indication which is the test list from which this test was executed and when having multiple runs and videos it is difficult to relate these with the generated results. 

It will be useful to generate the names of the videos from a test list in a way to correspond to the test list name and particular run. 

Last Updated: 08 Jan 2024 09:01 by ADMIN

Currently the exported result contains extended details only for the failed steps. If there is a warning for a step - like the warning that the element was found only by image, this can be only seen in the Test Studio result file. 

Extending the HTML exported result to show the step warning details will be very useful for anyone who review this type of result (attached in an email after a scheduled run, for example). 

Last Updated: 06 Dec 2023 15:16 by Pradeep
Enable Test Studio support for applications with extension *.msc
Last Updated: 29 Nov 2023 08:55 by ADMIN

Currently the Test Studio CLI runner AOT.Runner.exe allows outputting the results in junit format (other than xml and html).

Add the option to output the results in NUnit format. 

Last Updated: 28 Nov 2023 21:18 by Lisa

Enhance Test Studio recording and execution options with the ability to prompt the user whether to deny or allow permissions to their geo location.

The app i'm testing may popup a dialog in Edge to ask the user to know their location. 

However when i try to record the test using Edge i don't see this popup. I just see an error thrown by the app that says the user denied Geo Location.

When i access the app with edge outside of Test Studio i do get prompted.

Last Updated: 28 Nov 2023 08:33 by Thomas

Currently Test Studio built-in connection to Git repository is covered for the straight scenario for authentication. 

Enhance the options for connecting to Git using authentication via proxy.

Last Updated: 27 Nov 2023 13:09 by Richard

Add the option for radButton to verify if enabled in the offline step builder.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start recording a WPF test. 
  2. Select a radButton in the DOM explorer and build a step for it.
  3. In the verification section there is an option for a step to verify if button is enabled.
  4. Try to add a verify if enabled step for the same already recorded element in the Step Builder. 

Expected: The option for verify if enabled step to be available. 

Actual: The option is not available.

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2023 13:54 by Reid

Currently if the value used for a filter starts with #, the comparison operator is automatically converted from 'is exactly' to 'matches this regular expression'. 

So, if one needs to use URL fragment (starts with #) for element identification, for example, that # needs to be escaped. 

The workaround to use will be to change the comparison operator with 'contains' and use the fragment portion without the # sign. 

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2023 15:28 by Max
What do you think about adding a button "Delete from Storage" next to "Upload" button and it will delete all the records associated with the project that I no longer want to keep in the storage. Then when  I create a new project with the same name I will not have the old duplicate name still there
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