Last Updated: 26 May 2023 12:19 by Max

Currently the chrome://settings/ page cannot be automated in Test Studio. Enable accessing this page to allow changing some settings during test run-time. 

The scenario to cover is opening an embedded in the page PDF file instead of downloading it. The Test Studio calibration sets the browser's setting for PDF files to 'always download' and if the PDF is embedded it will nor be downloaded, neither opened. 

Last Updated: 22 May 2023 09:12 by n/a

Selected step in the test can be dragged and dropped in the same test only. Extend the functionality to be able to drag and drop the steps between the opened tests. 

Currently there is an alternative to reuse the steps between tests - you can copy a step and paste it into another test. Choose between the step context menu options, or the standard keyboard shortcuts for these operations (Ctrl+C and Ctril+V). Select mulitple steps using the Ctrl and Shift keys along with mouse clicks for selection - selecting sequent items using Schift key and selecting non-sequent items with Ctrl key. The copy/paste/cut/delete actions also work for multiple steps selection. 

Last Updated: 11 May 2023 10:14 by Dennis
When Kendo window is hosted in a iframe, created using javascript, Test Studio recorder does not detect mouse and keyboard actions. 
Last Updated: 11 May 2023 08:25 by John
Created by: John
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Investigate Progress DB with Test Studio databinding.
Last Updated: 10 May 2023 09:10 by rao
Resolve element find failure fails to update the test's element find logic.
Last Updated: 09 May 2023 09:15 by Jacob

Download dialog which is triggered from a new tab fails to be handled when running a test in Edge and Chrome extensionless mode. 

Such download dialog is usually triggered with a link similar to this: 

<a href="100MB.zip" target="_blank">Link to donwload</a>

The download dialog looks like this: 

Last Updated: 08 May 2023 08:43 by ADMIN
Currently the Visual Studio project for testing with Telerik Testing Framework is limited to .NET 4.5 framework. It is not compatible with recent versions and .NET core.
Last Updated: 03 May 2023 11:20 by Steven

When trying to connect Test Studio project to Git source control the following error message appear:


Last Updated: 01 May 2023 14:04 by Richard Beverly
Created by: Richard Beverly
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The below snippet to find specific element fails to return the expected element. The Content is of the same element regardless of the "parent()" method.

 var item = Find.jQuery()
                    .classes(new string[]{"className"})

Last Updated: 12 Apr 2023 13:18 by Holger

Currently when running the all test suites from an API project, the run stops if there is a failure. There is no option to automatically continue the test execution and only mark the failed one. You can continue running the test suites one by one. 

Enhance the options for running the API test suites and allow the execution to continue even if one suite fails.

Last Updated: 06 Apr 2023 10:48 by Adam
Navigate to steps with set BaseUrl do not take that value when converted to code.
Last Updated: 05 Apr 2023 14:14 by ADMIN
Created by: Ivaylo
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Please add different way to make a user profile inactive rather than changing the Workload to 0 (zero)
Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 10:25 by iLAB
Calling Toggle method of TelerikBlazorGridGroup wrapper always throw null reference exception.
Last Updated: 27 Mar 2023 08:06 by Adrian
Created by: Adrian
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Type: Feature Request

Is there any way to view the result history of a single test that is part of a test list?

We run a test list each night and I can look at each nightly test list run and check individually but I'm looking for a more simple way to see the full history of a single test and how often it is passing or failing.
Last Updated: 24 Mar 2023 09:12 by Vaidehi

My rerun tests are passing but the reports are showing failed results.

I expected Test Studio reports to reflect the run results.

Last Updated: 09 Mar 2023 11:39 by Jim

The use case is that the generated date is used to define an item in certain system with its creation time. 


Use the generated date variable in code and concatenate the prefix, then output the new value to a new extracted variable to use the next steps.

Last Updated: 01 Mar 2023 11:27 by ANUBHA

Test Studio results could be exported as interactive HTML files. Currently the result summary does not include details about the total number of rerun tests and the number passed tests.

It is a good idea to enhance the result summary to include this information.

Last Updated: 28 Feb 2023 13:46 by Andreas

Specific customer application requires double click to trigger an action. When running the test without extension, the double click is not executed as expected and the test fails on the next verification step. 

Workaround Enabling the usage of extension for the browser (Chrome and Edge) resolved the misbehavior. 

Additional details are shared internally!

Last Updated: 17 Feb 2023 09:10 by Carlos

Enhance the test results for distributed runs - there is no information which is the execution machine for each test in the case of distributed test list execution through the Scheduler on more than one executors. 

It will be also nice to see the agent name in the Run Results Viewer dialog

Last Updated: 16 Feb 2023 12:39 by Lokesh
Currently Test Studio automation process doesn't allow changing the browser's timezone settings. It will be great to have the ability to modify these to simulate different geo locations in the automation tests. 
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