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Created by: Lucas
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Good day,


I have a need to be able to test Text Content.  I am currently testing content with exact, I am aware that there are a few other options available.  One option that I do not see is one to test a range.  For example the amount displayed is 4202.39; I would like to be able to check to ensure it is between 4202.38 and 4202.40.  Is this a feature that is planned?



Lucas Donlon

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Enable the IsPassword and Encrypt properties for RadInput password fields and other elements that use translators. Currently those options are available only for HtmlInputPassword elements, which are "input" elements of type "password".
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The Handle Download dialog step times out during test execution in Chrome browser with French language. The file is successfully downloaded in the specified location, but the last dialog in the series of dialogs that shows the progress of the download action is not handled. As a result the step times out and the test fails.

The workaround is to change the Chrome browser language to English. 

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Long test list execution with video recording generates large video file. As a result, after the run is finished, results are not stored successfully.

The data for large result size is reported to DB but it is not parsed correctly and you can see the following error in the application log.

[12/30 18:34:25,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(17620:40),Error] CloudStorageRepository`2.ExtractItemsFromResponseAsync() : ==========
{"Message":"An error has occurred.","ExceptionMessage":"Error parsing NaN value. Path '__value.TestResults[0].__value.ScreenRecordingResultSize', line 1, position 3160.","ExceptionType":"Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException","StackTrace":"   at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextReader.ParseNumberNaN(ReadType readType, Boolean matched)
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I am running a performance test script and in my script I added some execution delays, but what I notice in the test run overview is that for an execution delay of 500ms there is a .505 seconds delay on the client side which is what I expected.

In addition, there is also a 10.623 seconds delay on the server side, which is not expected.


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The ClearCurrentText option does not always delete the whole text from the input field. 

Adding additional configurations to set the time before backspace keypress actions and the time the key is held will be very helpful.

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We encounter some issues with our web application made with Silverlight, while entering something in textboxes.

Default values for KeyHoldTime is 100 ms and for TimeBetweenKeypresses 10 ms  -  for our application I have to change every value to 350 + 100 to be sure the value is correctly entered.  It's time consuming to edit every textbox manually and it would be easier to have a project level setting for those.

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This should solve the problem described in the following article: http://docs.telerik.com/teststudio/troubleshooting-guide/recording-problems-tg/silverlight-unable-connect-oob
It is also related to this feedback item: http://feedback.telerik.com/Project/161/Feedback/Details/166046-the-recorder-cannot-attach-to-sl-oob-customer-specific-application
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When multiple users have their hands on a product and code (10+ in our case) having to consistently address conflict issues with settings files has become overwhelming.  I question why the "In Development" property is maintained at the project settings instead of maintaining the at the individual test level will significantly reduce issues with maintaining what is actually in development.

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Created by: Ryan
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Hi Team,

I would like to be able to use a cloud based browser platform similar to BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, Ghostlab, Browsershots, etc. In order to avoid setting up massive VM farms to distribute browser iteration testing. 

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"Active browser is now null", caused from disposed Manager instance, fails randomly some of the tests. The behavior is not consistent and can't be reliably reproduced, where the same tests fail.


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I am logging this feature request on behalf of Eugeniy Gorbovoy.

Currently the timeout setting of http requests allows only numeric input and defaults to 2000 ms when left empty. The initial plans are to implement a global project-level setting for timeout that all http requests should inherit (unless locally overwritten). (I hope we will have it delivered in some of our releases in the near future.) This should handle most cases when users want to manage the timeout from a single place instead of manually increasing it for every new http step they create.

Still the idea for accepting a reference to a variable seems appealing since some users might prefer to have several "tiers" of timeout rules across the test project and manage them using variables. Any comments and shared use-cases are appreciated.
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Get the response body in the API test results, when it is executed from the API command line runner. Currently, the response body is only available in the Test Studio for APIs user interface and it is not outputted in the results.


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When too many tests are open and the tabs bar on the top of the tests sections is overflown, a small arrow at the right corner of this bar helps us to see all the open tests. But the tests cannot be closed from here. Earlier there was a X button on each of the tests but now that button is not available. We first have to open the test and then use the X button to close it . 

I prefer to have crossmark , near each of the test. Thank you!
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The installation of Test Studio Web & Desktop comes with Test Studio for APIs and places a shortcut on the desktop. With this license though, Test Studio for APIs is not available and can't be activated. So, it should not be installed or at least there should be the option to skip it during installation.
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If you have opened the web test and execute a performance test list, which includes this test, the performance details will not be updated automatically in the Performance tab.

You need to reopen the web test and go to the Performance tab to view the updated details.

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Created by: Fletch
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Are there no settings in the application to adjust font sizes? 
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There are two issues with the way load tests are created.
1. Editing the newly created user profile. At the moment we rely explicitly on recording. There is no way to edit what you have recorded and make changes to the request.
   - There should be way to copy paste requests.
   - There should be way to create empty requests which you can then customize.
   - There should be a way to use external data in the requests from a data store.
   - There should be a way to reorder requests.
2. There should be an easy way to test your requests. At the moment there is no way to test how the recorded requests in the user profile perform.
The only way is to run a load test with a single user and record with fiddler. Then, in fiddler, I evaluate what was executed and then go back to the user profile editor and make changes. It should be done directly from the user profile editor.
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Our team utilizes Test Studio for our product's test automation.  The company as a whole has standardized on Zephyr (on Jira Cloud) for test case tracking / metrics / etc. but I'd like to avoid double entry of data, so it'd be nice if Test Studio would sync to Zephyr via the ZAPI interface to avoid doing double work with having to log test runs manually in Zephyr and create / update test cases in both locations.  Basically, I'm lazy and I'd like an automated way to keep this information in sync.
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