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Created on: 14 Jul 2021 07:18
Type: Feature Request
Executive Dashboard Suggestion

Hi Team,


I hope my email finds you well and safe.

I successfully managed to setup executive server. 


This ticket is not an issue but a suggestion from a team member of my company.


On the executive dashboard page it would be nice to have a description to show what this test list do. Think that the description it will be something that i will write it somewhere and show it up on the executive dashboard.


Thank you for your support

Kyriakos, Prevention at Sea

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Posted on: 14 Jul 2021 13:35

Hi Kyriakos,

Thank you for sharing your ideas how we can improve the existing features. I converted your query to a public feature request into our public feedback portal - this is the item you can follow. 

As we tried to present the information in the Executive Dashboard in an informative manner, we didn't include all details, which are available in the Results view in Test Studio. Having a short description sounds like a good idea and it was shared internally to be added in the product backlog. 

In the meantime it could be useful to use the name of the test list and make it more descriptive for the actions performed during the run. For example, if this will create a new user and verify it can be used to login, the test list can be named CreateUserVerifyLogin, for example.

I hope you will find this idea useful for your needs. Thank you once again for your cooperation.

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