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text content verification

Good day,


I have a need to be able to test Text Content.  I am currently testing content with exact, I am aware that there are a few other options available.  One option that I do not see is one to test a range.  For example the amount displayed is 4202.39; I would like to be able to check to ensure it is between 4202.38 and 4202.40.  Is this a feature that is planned?



Lucas Donlon

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Plamen Mitrev
Posted on: 22 Jan 2021 10:42

Hello Lucas,

Thank you for sharing details about the use case and suggesting new feature. We will investigate it further and plan it for future releases. You can add your vote to the public item and follow it to get notifications for its progress.

In the meantime, there are two possible workarounds to automate this test scenario in a coded step. I attached a sample Test Studio project with two tests that work against a publicly accessible application. Please explore the sample test and the details below.

  1. Add an extract step to get the text content of the target element as variable. Then, in a coded step get the extracted value and convert it to Double type. You can use a logical block of code to check the range and either fail or pass the test.
  2. Find the target element by id, class or other attributes and get its text content. Similar to the other test, you can use logical statements to check the range.

I hope the above suggestions and attached sample project will help you automate the test scenario with the current version.

Thank you for your feedback once again!

Plamen Mitrev
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