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Brandon Hunt
Created on: 23 Jan 2020 19:54
Type: Feature Request
Sync Test Cases, Test Results and other testing artifacts to Zephyr hosted on Jira Cloud
Our team utilizes Test Studio for our product's test automation.  The company as a whole has standardized on Zephyr (on Jira Cloud) for test case tracking / metrics / etc. but I'd like to avoid double entry of data, so it'd be nice if Test Studio would sync to Zephyr via the ZAPI interface to avoid doing double work with having to log test runs manually in Zephyr and create / update test cases in both locations.  Basically, I'm lazy and I'd like an automated way to keep this information in sync.
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Plamen Mitrev
Posted on: 27 Jan 2020 10:31

Hello Brandon,

Thank you for sharing your feedback in a from of Feature Request. It should be possible to achieve such integration with the current state of Test Studio, via the Execution Extension. You can write your own code to communicate with the ZAPI and plug it in the project.

That said, our engineering team will investigate the possibility to integrate Test Studio with Zephyr seamlessly. You can follow the current feature request to get notifications for any status changes and comments here.

Thank you for your valuable input and for your understanding.

Plamen Mitrev
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