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Created on: 22 Oct 2019 21:04
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Binding a Datasource -- missing information


I would like to report what is probably a bug within the Telerik Test Studio.

I have imported / data bound a CSV file to a data driven test case.  There is one field in one record that is not being picked up by your software.  It is very bizarre.  I though I had encountered something like this before but was not able to reproduce.  Now, I have found it again.  The column in question contains both American zip codes and Canadian postal codes.  The all numeric zip codes are being picked up but the alpha-numeric postal code is not.

I have included a copy of the CSV file and a couple of screenshots from the software (one in Excel and the other from the "Bind test to a data source" screen) of the file in question.

When I used...

MessageBox.Show(Data["landlordMailOopPostalCode"].ToString()); a coded step I see absolutely nothing in the dialog screen.

If you wish to see my project please let me know.

Thank you. 


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Plamen Mitrev
Posted on: 23 Oct 2019 13:25

Hello Richard,

Thank you for reporting this bug to us and sharing an example that reproduces the issue. We will investigate this further and try to find a solution in our future releases. You can vote for this bug report in our public portal and follow it to get notifications for its progress.

I experimented a bit on my end and I found 2 possible workaround for you. Please find more details below.

  1. Save the CVS file as XLSX and add it to your Test Studio project. That should fix the data for you.
  2. Add new row of data right below the first row and set "text" or any string for every cell in that new row. Now you need to handle this additional data and you can do that by filtering out the first row.

I hope the above suggestions will help you automate this test scenario.

Thank you once again for your feedback.

Plamen Mitrev
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