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Created on: 30 Nov 2016 15:42
Type: Feature Request
Scheduled run times should adjust for Daylight Savings Time
When Daylight Savings Time ended on November 6, our scheduled tests started running an hour earlier than scheduled.  I had to "edit" each schedule (without actually changing any settings) and save in order for the time in the "TimeToRun" setting in the job details file to adjust for the time change.  It would be nice if this could happen automatically.  Or maybe add a right-click option to for updating the time or something.
Plamen Mitrev
Posted on: 19 Mar 2021 10:23

Hi Sunil,

You are correct that this feature request was created a few years ago and there is no solution implemented. Please add you vote in the public item to increase its importance for the upcoming releases and the product management team will evaluate it.

In the meantime, you can apply the workaround that was described in the initial message by Lori. Essentially, you need to edit the scheduled job and re-apply the setting with the new time, after daylight savings. That will update the Universal Time (UT) that Test Studio uses to measure the time and start the test run.

Thank you for your feedback and understanding.

Plamen Mitrev
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Posted on: 18 Mar 2021 13:55
This was submitted on Nov 2016 and we are still having an issue on 2021.
Posted on: 14 Mar 2017 15:04
This is extremely frustrating and has caused multiple headaches.