Last Updated: 29 Mar 2023 18:01 by Rodney
Created on: 29 Mar 2023 18:01
Category: DataGrid
Type: Feature Request
DataGrid: ScrollIntoView Support

Hi Team,

Currently, you have ScrollItemIntoView support. However, that does not work unless you have rows and a reference to the data item.

I need an explicit mechanism to pick a specific X/Y cell position, or at least a column index, that can be scrolled to so that I can have horizontal scrolling capability.

For example, imagine a DataGrid that has only one row, but a 100 columns, I would like to be able to do this:

// Option 1 - Use the ItemsSource column reference
var dataTableColumn = this.myDataTable.Columns[50];

// Option 2 - Better!  
// This supports any possible data source type
var telerikColumn = this.MyDataGrid.Columns[50];

// Option 3 - Ideal
// Useful for every possible occasion
var x = 5;
var y = 12;
this.MyDataGrid.ScrollIntoView(x, y);