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Created on: 23 Jun 2021 20:29
Category: Accordion
Type: Feature Request
Accordion Expand All
In the Accordion the control there is an option to allow collapse all. I also see the option to set which item is expanded by default. However I would like to have all features opened by default. I think it would be an easy addition to be added to the control and this would give another option for flexibility when it comes to laying out how the UI interacts with the consumer.
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Posted on: 24 Jun 2021 10:58

Hi Ryan,

I converted this ticket into a public feature request in our feedback portal, as I agree such functionality would be a valuable addition to the suite.

We're going to track the demand and plan it accordingly. For the time being, you can use a few RadExpander controls to achieve a similar result as each Expander instance can be expanded/collapsed independently.

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