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Created on: 09 Apr 2021 12:04
Category: RichTextEditor
Type: Feature Request
Please add the support for programmatically changing or inserting plain text/html code at the cursor point or replace the current selection.

Since the RichTexrSelection is now setable for the RichTextEditor control, if feels like necessary to provide the support for add/change specified content at specified position.

We can change the content programmatically in 2 conditions:

1. Insert plain text / html code at the cursor point, while there is nothing selected.

2.Replace the currently selected content with new plain text / html code while selection exists.


Just for reference, an Api as below would be ideal:

RichTextSelection.SetHtml(html code);

RichTextEditor.Selection.SetHtml(html code);


For example, if I want to insert some plain text at the beginning of the document just after the rich text file loaded, I can easly achieve by this:

richTextEditor.Selection = new RichTextSelection(0,0);



I suppose there is an easy way to implement the feature by invoking some predefined javascript codea and wraping them as exposed methods or functions.



Hope the suggeation could be accepted.



Kind regards.


Posted on: 14 Apr 2021 15:07

As we discussed the use cases in the following forum thread on the same matter:

How to insert specified content into RichTextEditor?

I've updated the status of this item to "Unplanned".  We're going to keep an eye on the demand and will plan it accordingly.

Thank you for bringing this feature to our attention.

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Posted on: 12 Apr 2021 09:42

Hello Xu,

Thank you for sending the feature request for the RichTextEditor control.

Would it be possible to describe in more details the scenarios/use cases where you would utilize such functionality? I am asking as I need to ensure we have the complete information regarding the requirement.

Thank you in advance.

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