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Created on: 17 Feb 2021 12:24
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PropertyGroupDescriptor updates Listview

Hello, could you provide some guidance about the following situation....


I have a scenario using the RadListView that implements a PropertyGroupDescriptor for a property attached to my ObservableCollection<T>, where the property that it is monitoring is string value.  The dataset is designed that it may have only one grouping before an item is selected them the dataset will have two different groupings.  One the data changes, the ListView updates to show that there are two different groups but the group header doesn't change and neither does the cell content.  If I click on the GroupHeader of the new section, then it updates to reflect the change in data.  Is there a way to get the data to change in the Listview with some kind of Refresh so it stays up to date with the data.

Seeing it on iOS right now.



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Posted on: 02 Mar 2021 06:54

Hello Jason,

I have updated the status of this item to "Declined" due to insufficient information. I have sent a reply to the support ticket with steps you can follow to trigger Layout update inside the ListView. Mainly you can call CollapseAll/ExpandAll methods or collapse/ expand a certain group.

If you still experience this issue, please reply to the support ticket and send us there a small repro project, so we can test and investigate further.

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