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Created on: 08 Dec 2020 16:15
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Type: Bug Report
TelerikLocalizationManager sets the CurrentThread.CurrentCulture to the target device culture

Currently TelerikLocalizationManager sets CurrentThread.CurrentCulture on Android and iOS taking into account the target device culture.

If the developer has set the CurrentCulture on app level (different than the device culture), it is reset by our LocalizationManager.
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Posted on: 10 Dec 2020 15:58

You can workaround this issue by overriding the method that resets the culture on iOS and Android.

Go to AppDelegate.cs inside the iOS project and add an EmptyLocalize class which implements our ILocalize interface and basically overrides the default logic for resetting the culture:

public class EmptyLocalize : ILocalize
    public CultureInfo GetCurrentCultureInfo()
        return CultureInfo.DefaultThreadCurrentUICulture;

    public void SetLocale(CultureInfo cultureInfo)

ILocalize is from the Telerik.XamarinForms.Common namespace.

Register the EmptyLocalize class above the namespace:

[assembly: Xamarin.Forms.Dependency(typeof(MyXamarinApp.iOS.EmptyLocalize))]

The workaround can be applied on Android as well  - add the same EmptyLocalize inside the MainActivity.cs and register it in a similar way:

[assembly: Xamarin.Forms.Dependency(typeof(MyXamarinApp.Droid.EmptyLocalize))]

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