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Created on: 21 Oct 2020 18:52
Category: ListPicker
Type: Feature Request
Allow selecting default option to clear selected item

Can we have an option to allow users to select the default placeholder item to deselect the selected item and revert the list picker to a placeholder? (eg. when the list picker popup is opened, show a placeholder on top of the items.  If that item is selected, the selected item of the list picker is cleared, similar to how there's a placeholder option for dropdown lists in the web).

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Posted on: 26 Oct 2020 11:18

Hello Kori,

Thank you for this feature request. 

I have changed the status to "Unplanned". We will keep an eye on this item and will schedule it if there is a demand. 

In the meantime, the scenario you have described can be achieved using the ComboBox control. We have a how-to article that described how to clear the selection inside the drop-down. Please check the link in our documentation: 


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