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Release 2020.3.1106 (R3 2020 minor release)
Created on: 21 Oct 2020 14:33
Category: Calendar & Scheduling
Type: Bug Report
Calendar: BackgroundColor is not applied when ViewMode is Agenda

Maybe I am over looking something, but I am unable to show the RadCalendar in the Agenda view mode with a dark background color. I have tried setting the background color of the RadCalendar to a dark color and the AgendaViewSettings only seem to allow me to set text colors and not the background. 

We use the control in three modes, DayView, MonthView and AgendaView and only in agenda we can't seem to change the background color.

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Posted on: 23 Oct 2020 12:05

Hello Rene,

Regarding dark mode support, we have a feature request in our feedback portal. You can follow and vote for the item at the link below: 

I have tested the scenario and yes the Calendar BackgroundColor is not applied when view mode is agenda. I have converted this forum thread into a bug report. I have updated the bug report title. Please find your Telerik points updated as a small sign of gratitude for bringing this issue to our attention.


You can create a custom renderer for android and change the AgendaView BackgroundColor. I have attached a sample demo. Please check the CustomCalendarRenderer.cs file inside the Android project.

Regarding AgendaView on iOS - it supports dark mode. When the device's appearance is changed to dark, the agenda view background color is changed.

I hope the provided information was helpful.

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