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Created on: 28 Aug 2020 07:04
Category: ListView
Type: Feature Request
ListView: [UWP] Provide support for spatial keyboard navigation when using grid layout

When RadListView is in grid mode (SpanCount > 0), there is no spatial navigation with the keyboard.

Up and down arrows move the focused item, left and right arrows don't. (Also: it doesn't seem to be possible to style the focused item…)

Crude drawing:


Only the first column has keyboard navigation, up and down. It's invisible, though; internally, an item is focused and will execute ItemTap when pressing the return key, or will select the item when pressing the spacebar. That part is fine.


After clicking/tapping an item in any column after the first one and then pressing the down arrow, for example, we get this:

Pink is where we clicked/tapped, cyan is what's internally focused after pressing the down arrow. 

Please note again that focus != selection. 


Expected behavior:

  • Implementation/exposure of FocusedItemStyle
  • Left and right keyboard arrows should move focus spatially inside the grid; if RadListView is in 1-column (list) mode, Left == Up, Right == Down


Further suggestions:

  • Implementation/exposure of HoverItemStyle, for when the mouse pointer is over an item cell
  • (changed) ScrollItemIntoView(object item, boolean focusItemAfterScroll, boolean selectItemAfterScroll)
  • (new) FocusItem(object item) 
  • (new) SelectItem(object item) 
Posted on: 10 Sep 2020 09:03

Hello Robert,

Here is the input from the development team:

1) I have changed the item status to "Unplanned" and changed the item type to "Feature Request".

2) Regarding the HoveredItemStyle and FocusedItemStyle I have logged a separate feature request: you can follow the item at the link below: 


3) Regarding to the SelectedItem the RadListView provides such property, https://docs.telerik.com/devtools/xamarin/controls/listview/listview-features-selection#getting-selected-items 

4) new FocusedItem and ScrollItemIntoView changes - thank you for your input. We will have your suggestion in mind. 

I have updated your Telerik points for bringing both feature requests to our attention.

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Posted on: 07 Sep 2020 15:32

Hello Robert,

Thank you for the provided steps to reproduce the issue.

I have reproduced the behavior on my side. I will escalate this to the development team and will write back with more details in a day or two at the latest. This bug report describes several issues in listview for UWP, so it may need to be divided into several bug reports and /or feature requests.

Thank you for the understanding.

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Posted on: 03 Sep 2020 06:16


Please find attached a simple project, mostly copied from your RadListView documentation on this URL: https://docs.telerik.com/devtools/xamarin/controls/listview/listview-overview

Main page:

Click the first item so the control gets focus (won't respond to listView.Focus() in codebehind c'tor):


Then press the down arrow, and then the spacebar:


As expected, "Peter" gets selected because the focus is internally on that item.

Now if you press the right arrow and then the spacebar, it's expected that "Teodor" (right of "Peter") would be focused and then selected, but "Peter" gets unselected instead:

Now let's click on Andrea:


Selection is OK, it's expected that "Andrea" would now also be focused. Now if you press the up arrow and then the spacebar, the expected behavior would be that "Teodor" is focused and selected. However:


"Peter" gets focused and subsequently selected.


You can move through the items with up and down arrows, you just can't see it :)

So, RadListView needs to expose a style for focused and also hovered cells (this is UWP, we have a mouse and therefore we have hover), plus it needs to fully respond to keyboard arrows for full spatial navigation in grid mode with Colspan > 1.

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Posted on: 02 Sep 2020 15:29

Hi Robert,

Could you please send us the listview definition or attach a sample repro project, so we can test on our side the behavior you are observing. With up and down arrows I can scroll through the listview, I cannot move through the items.

I have changed the feedback item status to "Under Review"

I look forward to your reply.

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