Last Updated: 13 May 2020 12:57 by ADMIN
Release R2 2020
Created on: 06 Nov 2019 16:03
Category: ConversationalUI
Type: Bug Report
Chat: [iOS] MonoTouchException is thrown when Chat items are added to its ItemsSource collection and the Chat is not visible

If the ItemsSource of RadChat is bound to an ObservableCollection of chat items and the control is not visible, adding items to that collection crashes the app with the following: 

Foundation.MonoTouchException: Objective-C exception thrown.  Name: NSInternalInconsistencyException Reason: attempt to insert row 0 into section 0, but there are only 0 rows in section 0 after the update

Posted on: 10 Apr 2020 10:28

Hi Casey,

I can assure you that the issue is logged with high priority and it is escalated to the development team. They will look into it at a first chance, still I cannot commit a time frame when a fix for it will be provided.

Please follow the feedback item, so you will receive an email notification when its status changes.

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Posted on: 08 Apr 2020 20:38
Any updates on this? as i see same error even in 2020.1.318.410