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Created on: 26 Sep 2019 15:27
Category: ListView
Type: Feature Request
ListView: Provide the option to show animation when calling ScrollItemIntoView method


Right now, I use SyncFusion ListView because of several limitations of the RadListView :
- no way to make the ScrollItemIntoView animated. It results with a UI which doesn't look smooth or moden.
- no way to remove the highlight on item tap even if selectionMode is set to none. My users think there is a hidden action made

Am I missing something ? I would like to get rid of SyncFusion and only keep Telerik. But the ListView is by far the control I use the most and I can't really make regression on that part. Because I moved to SyncFusion due to user's feedback that don't like the highlight and that the scroll wasn't smooth and so the app looks like slow / not modern enough.

Do you think those features can be added in the roadmap ?
It would be nice to compete a bit more with the SyncFusion ListView which is very nice to use from a developper point of view. Althought the RadListView is great too. It's just that I'm waiting for improvment since a year.


PS : the documentation is lacking of scrolling / highlight part saying it's not possible or require a custom renderer and then, giving the first steps to create those renderers. I can't be the only one to struggle with this.


Thanks a lot

Posted on: 27 Sep 2019 11:45

Hi Olivier,

Regarding the animation when calling ScollItemIntoView() method - I agree this is a missing feature in RadListView control, so I've updated the status of the request to "Approved". I've also updated the Title of the feedback item, to make it clear what functionality it refers to.

We are going to keep an eye on this item and will schedule it if there is demand. 

I've updated your points as a small sign of gratitude for your involvement on this.

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Lance | Manager - Technical Support
Posted on: 26 Sep 2019 16:17

Hello Oliver,

You should be able to remove the highlight by defining an ListViewItemStyle for the selected state, that has a transparent BackgroundColor. See RadListView ItemStyle for examples of all the states.

As far as showing a scroll viewer animation when programmatically invoking ScrollItemIntoView() is concerned, I will leave this thread locked open for the Xamarin team to review and follow up.

Lance | Technical Support Engineer, Principal
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