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Created on: 02 Aug 2019 16:28
Category: SegmentedControl
Type: Feature Request
SegmentedControl Add ItemTapped event

Currently, the RadSegmentedControl only has support for SelectionChanged. I need an event that will fire if the user selects the same item again. 

Note that GestureRecognizers don't work (i.e. TapGestureRecognizer), so this will need to be a Telerik-implemented event.

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Posted on: 08 Aug 2019 08:34
Hi Gearoid,

I have changed the status of the Feedback Item to "Under Review". I can assure you that we will keep an eye on this item and will schedule it if there is a demand. 

In the meantime as a solution on this you could use the RadTabView control and customize it to look as the RadSegmentedControl. Check the attached demo project.

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