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Created on: 26 Jun 2019 14:09
Category: DataGrid
Type: Feature Request
Column Options Customization

Currently in 2019 R2 and earlier, the "options" button at the bottom of the filtering UI allows the user to rearrange and toggle the visibility of columns in the DataGrid.

I request to have a property or setting on the DataGrid or the DataGridColumn that will prevent the user from changing the visibility or ordering of columns. from that UI (just like you can prevent user filtering or user sorting)

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Posted on: 02 Jul 2019 08:25
Hello Mohamed,

Thank you for your feedback.

I noticed that we have this logged in our Feedback Portal. Here is the item: DataGrid: Provide an easy way to show/hide/remove the OptionsButton (Filtering UI). I could suggest you share your requirements regarding the Options Button there. 

As we have it logged I will change the status of this feature request to "Declined".

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