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Created on: 06 Jun 2019 15:51
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Share PDF for print, email, text, etc

Most PDF Viewers come with the ability to print, email, text etc the PDF that is loaded.  For example, in the default iOS PDF viewer there is a "share" icon.  When the "share" icon is tapped, multiple options and apps come up that allow users to "print", "message/text", "email" the PDF.  It would be a great feature to have in the Xamarin UI PDF Viewer.  It could just be part of the PDFViewer Toolbar options.

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Posted on: 11 Jun 2019 11:37
Hello Dan,

Thank you for sending this feature request, I've updated its status to "Approved" - we'll keep an eye on it and will plan it according to the demand.

I've updated your points for your involvement.

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