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Created on: 29 Mar 2019 08:59
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Export RadBarcode as PDF

Hello ,

An Admin say me to explain a way to use a QrCode export in PDF .

So what we need ?

I use your RadBarcode to create a barcode so simple . But now this QrCode i want to get him as an imageStream and then use it on a PDFCreator .

For the moment i try to create a view with QrCode -> export this view as an Image -> change that image on ImageStream -> Use this ImageStream on PDfCreator .

I hope you understand me !



Anthony Ranuuzzi



Posted on: 03 Apr 2019 08:02
Hi Anthony,

Thank you for your Feedback regarding the PdfViewer control.

I have updated the status of this Feature Request to "Declined" as it depends on a custom implementation. My colleague Lance provided a demo and steps how to achieve the required scenario.

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Lance | Manager Technical Support
Posted on: 29 Mar 2019 18:05
Hi Anthony,

Thank you for taking the time to open a Feature Request. I have updated the title of this Feature Request to better describe what you're asking for.


In my original ticket response, I explained the steps that you would need to do to get RadBarcode rendered into a PDF document.

1. Render the Xamarin.Forms View element (i.e. RadBarcode) as an image (i.e. png)
2. Send that image to a platform that can use the Telerik Document Processing Libraries and use RadPdfProcessing (that platform needs to be able to support these Windows desktop APIs)
3. Create a new RadFixedDocument and insert the image into the RadFixedDocument using the image byte[] with an ImageSource
4. Export the RadFixedDocument as a PDF file and return it to the Xamarin.Forms application

Note: As an example of such a platform, you can take the same ASP.NET Web API approach I used in this demo, the PdfGeneratorController accepts a png byte[] for the image and returns a PDF file.

5. If you want the user to see the PDF document, you can show the PDF file in the Xamarin.Forms RadPdfViewer control.

Lance | Technical Support Engineer, Principal
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