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Created on: 27 Mar 2019 13:37
Category: Button
Type: Bug Report
Button: [UWP] ArgumentException is raised when targeting Windows 10 version 1809

When the Target version of the UWP project is Windows 1809, RadButton raises the following exception:

System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.

Posted on: 25 Jul 2019 21:32
Outstanding. I'll add it to the style and see if it just works.
Lance | Senior Manager Technical Support
Posted on: 25 Jul 2019 21:28
Hi Craig,

You can fix this by setting BorderThickness to zero:

<RadButton BorderThickness="0"/>

The reason the problem arises in 1903 (SDK 18362) is because Microsoft changed the behavior of UWP controls and default values for null when it's a non nullable property type. Traditionally, you'd use "-1", but that is no longer accepted and causes an OutOfRangeException Therefore, by overriding the default -1 value with 0, you avoid the exception.

Note: this also rears it's head in other places, like RadBorder. If you see this exception again, try setting BorderThickness to 0 on those controls as well.

Lance | Technical Support Engineer, Principal
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Posted on: 25 Jul 2019 21:01

Same here - Windows 1903 also experiencing the same issue.