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Created on: 06 Mar 2019 14:30
Category: UI for Xamarin
Type: Bug Report
RadListView - Drag/Drop - When using ReorderEnded, the list is no longer updated after upgrading to the latest version of Telerik Controls.

As the subject:

Before upgrading to the latest version of Telerik Controls, the Drag/Drop functionality worked correctly but after upgrading the list no longer updates and the item moved returns back to the original position.

Not using "ReorderEnded", everything works fine but this is needed to detect that something has been moved. 

Posted on: 12 Mar 2019 12:51

The RadListView ReorderEnded command was changed due to issues while reordering the RadListView items when filtering or grouping are applied. In this case the ReorderEnded command requires manually handling the Reorder scenario. If you want to be notified when the reorder is ended without implementing the reordering you could use the ReorderEnded event. If this is not the case could you please give us more information about the scenario you want to achieve?

I have updated the status of this item to "Declined" as it is not related to a bug.

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Posted on: 08 Mar 2019 13:22

I've come across this issue as well - when upgrading to the latest version of the Telerik Controls, the Drag/Drop functionality of the listview does not work.


 I've written a new app purely to test this feature and it worked until I upgraded to the latest version.  I can't seem to attach my test app though as it's bigger than the 20Mb limit.  I've attempted to attached the .apk but not sure whether this will work or not.


Is there any news on this issue?